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PowerDesigner16.5 Generating SQL Script execution error: Collate chinese_prc_ci_as

PowerDesigner16.5 Generating SQL Script execution error, collate chinese_prc_ci_asPoint Database-edit current dbms--left Script-objects-column-add, left value input box paste in the code, save.If you encounter a save failure, run as administrator

Ajax background Normal execution error type is 404

Background execution Importexcel, clear method execution success, but the front desk is prompt 404@RequestMapping ("/import")The public Json importexcel (@RequestParam (value= "file", Required=true) commonsmultipartfile file,httpservletrequest req,

A case of salt execution error

Execution Error:To view server-side logs:Problem with CertificationRe-certify it!!!Minion End:[Email protected] ~]# cd/etc/salt/[[email protected] salt]# lsMinion MINION.D minion_id PKI[Email protected] salt]# RM-RF pki/[Email protected]

Py file Console execution, error: The introduced module does not exist

1. Description: The module can be executed correctly in the IDE. However, when executing from the CMD console, an error occurred: No other modules introduced by the module exist.2, solve: After the #encoding:utf-8 of the module, add the following

Shell script execution error & amp; #39; \ 357 \ 273 \ 277 & amp; #39;: commandnotfound Solution

Shell script execution error & #39; \ 357 \ 273 \ 277 & #39;: commandnotfound Solution 1. Delete the BOM and execute the following command under vi. : Set nobomb 2. cause: The so-called BOM is the Byte Order Mark, which is a Unicode character

Notepad ++ execution error when writing shell statement, notepadshell

Notepad ++ execution error when writing shell statement, notepadshell I think the vi format scheduling is not very good. I used notepad ++. During a shell statement debugging, it was found that there were no errors when the shell copied from notepad

Shell script execution error & #39; \ 357 \ 273 \ 277 & #39;: command not found solution, shell357

Shell script execution error '\ 357 \ 273 \ 277': command not found solution, shell357 1. Delete the BOM and execute the following command under vi. :set nobomb 2. cause: The so-called BOM is the Byte Order Mark, which is a Unicode character that

Servlet update execution error ORA-12518

Servlet update execution error ORA-12518 ORA-12518: TNS: listener cocould not hand off client connection This error is generally tested for database concurrency by multiple users, The backend executes an update using the servlet method, but the

Execution in SQL does not have a problem in PHP execution error ~

Execute in SQL no problem execution error in PHP ~ ~ Error is access denied for user: [email protected] ' (Using password:no) I used to use a blank password, there is no error, and now other files are not wrong, this one error, the code is posted as

[vs Execution Error] CRT detected that the application wrote to memory after end of heap buffer

The CRT is c/s + + Run-time lib, which is the core library required for program execution.This error is due to internal operation in the process. The address that was written is beyond. The inherent boundaries of the assignmentOne suggestion is:1,

Ubuntu Script execution Error checking idea

First, the problems encountered:Today, a friend asked me, said in the CentOS write good script, in Ubuntu can not normal use, at that time did not care, thought is the authority is not configured well, later looked under, found that Ubuntu and

Commands module in Python, execution error: ' {' is not an internal or external command, or a program or batch file that can be run.

Recently discovered the Python commands module, looked at the next source, using the Popen package, formed three functions GetStatus (), GetOutput (), Getstatusoutput ()The source code is as follows:def getstatus (file): "" " Return output of" Ls-

VC + + MFC Single Document application SDI downgrade with Glgenbuffersarb (1, &pbo) method compile pass but execution

1. Symptoms of the problemIn the VC + + environment, using the MFC Single document application SDI under the development of OpenGL program, when the call Glgenbuffersarb (1, &pbo) method compiled through but error, error code is as

Jsonobject jsonobject = new Jsonobject () execution error

Just execute the following code when the program does not have an exception, there is no error, but it is stopped running the next stepjsonobject jsonobject = new Jsonobject (); Gson Gson = new Gson ();The key reason is that the corresponding jar

Hive Error execution error, return code 1 from Org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.DDLTask. Metaexception (Message:for direct metastore DB connections,

learning hive using MySQL as a metadata hive to create a database and switch databases is all right, but creating a table is a problem. Baidu found it is a coding issue special record ~ ~ ~1. Before the error:2. Perform the following in the MySQL

SQL Server replication Snapshot execution error error code 14068

Problem Description:Use snapshot-based transactional replication, add items, execute Snapshot Agent, error message when last published:Error messages:Message:the subscription status of the object could not being changed.Command

MySQL newspaper fatal error encountered during command execution. Error resolution

{MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException (0x80004005): Fatal error encountered during command execution.---> MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException (0x80004005): Fatal Error encountered attempting to read the resultset. --->

Shell script Execution Error [: 0:unary operator expected

When executing shell script, if judgment statement error#!/bin/bashif [0 = = $testNum]then echo "Check result:0" fi  Testnum is not defined when used, no assignment is empty (originally defined, just a clerical error is similar to tsetnum), after

Manual operation execution, crontab timing task execution error, brother K

Recently sent an automatic inspection of a machine to send e-mailsAll the other machines used to be sendmail.It's no problem to execute the following command directlyThis one is postfix because of the other business.Here are my scheduled tasks.0 8 *

Oracle 11g RAC two-node root. sh execution error: one case

Oracle 11g RAC two-node root. sh execution error: one case Only record the Oracle 11g rac installation process once 1. The installation of multi-path software using RHEL6.5 multipath using udev to configure the ASM shared disk failed. At that time,

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