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How to modify the Exif information contained in the photo details

How to modify the Exif information contained in the photo details This method requires a photo with a canvas on the background when applying for an ICP filing. ps will see some relevant information. So I found the following two solutions to help you,

Use of metadata-extractor to read image EXIF metadata in Android

Use of metadata-extractor to read image EXIF metadata in Android  I. Introduction   Recently used in the development of metadata-extractor-xxx.jar and xmpcore-xxx.jar this thing, simply read a lot of articles to learn, to share and share. Work is

Python Bulk Modified Image EXIF properties

Python Bulk Modified Image EXIF propertiesAltogether two documentsConfig.ini//Put config fileexif.py//Main program FilesConfig.ini File Source[Global] Artist = www.blmm.com; the author datetimeoriginal = Now; the time is current time, as specified

Java get photo-related properties

Package Test;import Java.io.file;import Java.util.Iterator; Import Com.drew.imaging.jpeg.jpegmetadatareader;import Com.drew.metadata.directory;import Com.drew.metadata.metadata;import Com.drew.metadata.tag;import com.drew.metadata.exif.ExifDirectory;

C # retrieving image Exif information

C # retrieving image Exif information Source: yocin time: 9:05:02 topic: technical support CTR: 501 Using System;Using System. Collections. Generic;Using System. Text;Using System. Drawing;Using System. Drawing.

The understanding of orientation in EXIF information of pictures and the processing of it

This problem is in the use of seven of cattle upload pictures after the wide height of the found, a picture, with the picture browser Open is always a vertical chart, but to view the properties or the seven bull to obtain a wide height, but found a

Use vc# 2005 to add photo dates for digital photos

Now people have a digital camera is nothing new, let alone more than 5 million pixel digital camera is gradually become the mainstream. A digital camera can instantly convert images to a computer-recognizable image file format for browsing, sharing,

Android Development uses Exifinterface to get picture properties after a photo _android

This example describes the Android development using Exifinterface to get picture properties after taking pictures. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Exifinterface exif = new Exifinterface (File.getpath ()); String

One plug-in should not be less: fully understand the Internet Explorer plug-in

Extension is also called extension. It is a program written by an application interface that complies with certain specifications. It is mainly used to expand software functions. Many software have extensions, some software companies

DSOfile, modifying Windows System files Summary

Today to do a function, is to modify the image of the summary information, the beginning is to modify the EXIF information, but a lot of pictures do not have EXIF information, or do not specify the EXIF items, and find another way to modify the file

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