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Android: Manipulating picture Exif information

What is EXIF First to understand what is EXIF. EXIF is an image file format, its data stored in the JPEG format is exactly the same, in fact, the EXIF format is the JPEG format header inserted in the digital photos of information, including

EXIF information processing under android2.2

1. What is EXIFEXIF (exchangeable image file can exchange image files) is an image file format, and its data storage is exactly the same as JPEG format. In fact, the EXIF format is to insert digital photo information in the JPEG format header,

Use of metadata-extractor to read image EXIF metadata in Android

Use of metadata-extractor to read image EXIF metadata in Android  I. Introduction   Recently used in the development of metadata-extractor-xxx.jar and xmpcore-xxx.jar this thing, simply read a lot of articles to learn, to share and share. Work is

What is EXIF under Android _android

A. What is EXIFExif (exchangeable image file) is an image file format that has exactly the same data storage as the JPEG format. In fact, the EXIF format is a digital photo inserted in the header of the JPEG format. Including the aperture, shutter,


ExifEXIF is an image file format, its data is stored in the JPEG format is exactly the same, in fact, the EXIF format is the JPEG format header inserted digital photo information, including the shooting aperture, shutter, balance white, ISO, focal

The understanding of orientation in EXIF information of pictures and the processing of it

This problem is in the use of seven of cattle upload pictures after the wide height of the found, a picture, with the picture browser Open is always a vertical chart, but to view the properties or the seven bull to obtain a wide height, but found a

The method of incrementally loading pictures and acquiring EXIF using ImageIO in IOS development _ios

ImageIO Complete incremental load picture First, the common progressive load picture mode   The incremental load we see today is mainly based on the following three implementations: &NBSP 1)   Loading different sizes of pictures from the

PHP correctly handles photo rotation problem

Objective The iphone and some digital cameras often include a lot of photo information (EXIF) in the picture, such as photo time, aperture size, exposure time, GSP geographic information, and camera tilt when photographed, and so on, which often

iOS and Xiaomi phone photos uploaded, display rotation on web side

( ′? ?? Now the company AH are popular mixed development, our company is no exception, do not want to interact with a lot of community module with embedded Web page to show, well, after all, some applications are doing so, since it is the community

JS Gets the angle attribute of the photo shot for rotation control

In the iOS phone upload vertical photo will automatically rotate 90 degrees, and shooting angle is different, so need to deal with:1, using Exif.js can get to the photo shooting properties: API method name Description

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