exit code 255 linux

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Exit (-1) or return (-1) Why did the shell get an exit code of 255?

Write a Hello World: Filename:main.c#include int Main (void) {printf ("Hello wolrd!\n");   Return (-1); } Compile execution: gcc main.c &&./a.out Now let's see what is the return value of the previous execution in the current shell, which is "1"?

In linux/unix, svn automatically updates post-commit hook failed (exit code 255)

Solution to automatic svn update errors in linux/unix:Post-commit hook failed (exit code 255) with no output.In linux/unix, after svn is submitted, it is automatically updated to the test server. You can add a hook to/usr/svn/mulu/hooks/post-commit

Linux exit status Code and Exit command

Linux provides a special variable $ to save the exit status code of the last executed command. For commands that need to be checked, you must view or use the $? variable immediately after it has been run. Its value becomes the exit status code of

Linux Shell Bash with special-meaning exit codes

Linux Shell Bash with special meaning exit code purpose descriptionThe exit command exits the current shell and can terminate the current script execution in a shell script.Common parametersFormat: Exit nExit. Set the exit code to N. (cause the

Exit code from Exit (-1) or return ( -1) shell Why is the 255_linux shell

Now I've written a Hello World program to take a look at it: Filename:main.c #include int main (void) { printf ("Hello wolrd!\n"); return (-); } Compile execution: gcc main.c &&/a.out Now let's take a look at the return

Todo:golang Linux Process exit description

Todo:golang Linux Process exit descriptionGolang using the Os.exit (code) process to exit causes the current program to exit and return the given status code. Traditionally, code codes of zero indicate a successful exit, and a non-0 error

Break continue exit return difference in Linux loop structure

1 overviewIn the script loop, you need to use break,continue,exit. To control the loop. Use return to get the return value of the function. This article will introduce the use of these four commandsBreak [n]: Early end of the nth layer cycle, the

Exit Codes]

Address: http://www.slac.stanford.edu/BFROOT/www/Computing/Environment/Tools/Batch/exitcode.html ---------------------------------------------------- Job crashes and exit Codes This webpage is a collection of information about job crashes

Let's talk about PHP's die and exit-php tutorials

Let's talk about PHP's die and exit. Today, some friends say there is a difference between exit and die. Do I say that die is not the alias of exit? To prove my point of view, I flipped through the PHP source code. in zend_language_scanner.l, it is

Tell me about the die and exit of PHP.

Today, a small partner said that exit and die a little different. I say die is not the alias of exit? In order to prove my point of view, turned over PHP source code, in the ZEND_LANGUAGE_SCANNER.L, it is easy to find that the keyword is the same

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