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Differences between "end", "unload me", and "Exit Sub" in VB

    I have thought about this before. These familiar things are not very thorough analysis on them, and "end" and "unload me" are hitting the program. It is often said, "Exit Sub" is more familiar, the following, analysis:     End and unload

K3 query basic data development code

'View query a subject private sub viewaccount () 'adds an error trap on error goto herror dim OBJ as object dim retobj as object set OBJ = Createobject ("ebcglview. glview ") set retobj = obj. accountlookup () If retobj. returnok then txtnumber.

FSO's powerful features _FSO special topics

Title: Line

How to write security controls with VB

Security | General statement of control This paper describes how to implement the IObjectSafety interface of the control in VB to flag that the control is safe for scripting and initialization. The default processing of VB controls is to register

How to Implement the IObjectSafety interface of ActiveX controls in VB

How to Implement the IObjectSafety interface of ActiveX controls in VB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overview This article describes how to implement the IObjectSafety interface of the control

Use SQL Server to provide image 2 for your web browser

Establish an ActiveX dynamic link library Using VB 5.0, we want to develop an ActiveX dynamic link library. This dynamic link library allows us to connect to the SQL database, extract the image data, and save them as files and put them in the

Vb. NET realizes Gobang Artificial intelligence (2)

Four, handle mouse events '***************************************************************************** ' * * Module name: Themousedown '** ' * * Description: This function mainly implements the following functions: ' * * 1. Determines whether the

A function-enhanced notepad _ VB. NET

I think everyone has heard of notepad2, notepad ++ and other types of notepad enhancement software. Do you want to write one for yourself? Today we teach you to use VB. NET to write a notebook with enhanced functions (supports full-text word count

Use LotusScript to mark Microsoft Word documents in document circulation

Integration of Domino and word Chen Bin, software engineer, and IBM Chen Bin are senior software development engineers from IBM cstl. They are now responsible for the development, support, and team leadership of Lotus Domino for IBM I. Chen Yun,

Winform intercept Minimize, maximize, Close event "organize"

1 Const intWm_syscommand =0x112;2 //form Close Message3 Const intSc_close =0xf060;4 //form Minimized Messages5 Const intSc_minimize =0xf020;6 //form Maximization Message7 Const intSc_maximize =0xf030;8 //form Restore Message9 Const intSc_nomal =0xf12

Vb. Improvements to the add code generated by the Data Form Wizard in net

Data In database application development, we know that the primary task of data manipulation is to "Browse, edit, delete, add records," and use the VB.net Data Form Wizard to help us quickly create Windows Forms and related code to implement the

Self-made compression and decompression program with VB6.0 (i.)

Program | Compression when we write the program, will often encounter the program information content updates, for small file updates, can provide customers to the network download, but for large and many files, due to the network reasons, through

Write sub process

Overview: every program in VBA contains a process. The recording macro is a process, and a custom function is also a process. After mastering the compilation and thinking of a single process, you can combine large and medium-sized plug-ins or

SolidWorks two times development -04-modify data

Data SolidWorks two times development -04-modify data The last time you have access to the parameters of the feature, today we will modify it: To modify the previous steps is not less, when we can read some of the features, we can give him a set of

VB Prodigy Tutorial (cont.)--adding Event codes for objects

This article welcomes the non-commercial use of reprint, but need to indicate from the "Programming Network" and the corresponding URL link. One, Form1 Load event code: Private Sub Form_Load () Form1.MS1.ColWidth (0) = Form1.MS1.ColWidth (1)

What you don't know-student information management system

The student information management system was finally completed after 12 days. Although the source code was referenced in the first system in my life, it took a lot of effort and time to complete it. For the first time, I made a complete system.

Visual Studio 2008/2010 version control macros

Versioning of programs is very important in software development. I control the version of the scheme as follows: The version number generally follows the form: AA.BB.CC.DDDD. Where AA,BB,CC is defined by itself, dddd is automatically incremented by

Using vb.net and Excel to arrange production plan--one of the discussion of Enterprise informatization

Excel uses vb.net and Excel to schedule production -A study of enterprise informatization Banhai (Sunhai) Development tools: Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2003 Operating system: Windows XP Discussion on the reasons of enterprise informatization

Mobile Computing Desktop

Applicability:Microsoft. NET Compact frameworkWindows Mobile-based Pocket PCWindows Mobile-based smart phonesMicrosoft ActiveSync Abstract:Learn how to store data using remote APIs or rapis, and how to merge data into applications developed through.

Createweb.vbs Code _vbs

'============================================================================== ' ' The. NET petshop Blueprint Application WebSite Setup ' ' File:CreateWeb.vbs ' Date:november 10, 2001 ' ' Creates a new vdir for this project. Set VName to name of

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