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Zoj3864:quiz for Exo-l (BFS)

Exo (Korean:??; Chinese: Love cough; Often stylized as EXO) is a chinese-south Korean boy band based in Seoul, South Korea. Formed by SM Entertainment in, the group consists of twelve members separated into and subgroups, Exo-k and Exo-m, PE Rforming Music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively. The group officially debu

Node Type Definition in exo ECM

In the exo-Tomcat/common/lib/exo-ecm.services.cms.impl-1.0.jar package of ECM, there are two file defining node types, CONF/nodetypes-config.xml and CONF/nodetypes-extended-config.xml, respectively, for the DTD of these two files, see http://www.exoplatform.org/documents/exo-jcr.site/ntdefinition.html. Where the nodetypes-config.xml file: Nodetypes-extended

Audio Processing (I) audio files, audio processing audio files

Audio Processing (I) audio files, audio processing audio files Audio files Audio files are data files stored after digital conversion of sounds. To understand audio data, you must first

iOS Audio 1: Four ways to play audio files (i) Audiotoolbox avfoundation OpenAL Audio QUEUE

this article reprinted to http://blog.csdn.net/u014011807/article/details/40187737What can you learn in this volume?Four ways to design audio players for a variety of applications:Based on the Audiotoolbox.framework framework. Play the system sound file.Based on the Avfoundation.framework framework. Play a variety of audio format files. Has advanced audio player

Calculate the playback time of an audio frame (audio stream audio frame)

Audio Stream (proportion of redundant data): Let's take a brief look at the structure of the ADTS header: 1) The ADTS header is at the beginning of each AAC frame and is typically 7 bytes long (or 9 bytes, not seen). 2) The length of each AAC frame is fixed to 1024 sample (can be 1024*n, have not seen n>1 case). 3) Most of the information in the ADTS header is useless, only the sample rate (4bit), the number of channels (3bit) and the frame size (13bi

VEGAS 5.0 Audio Novice Introduction-Audio processing and DX audio plugin

Five lessons audio processing and DX Audio plug-in introduction Through the last lesson, you can record the singer's clean voice completely. The next step is to do audio processing for the clean vocals to get the best sense of hearing. Commonly used audio processing of the human voice generally includes the following

HTML5 Advanced -5 HTML5 audio processing (audio playback in H5, programming of audio players)

First, play audio in the HTML5Audio element-The audio element can be embedded in an HTML page, and the attributes of the element can be set to be automatically played, preloaded, and looped back.-The audio element provides play, pause, and volume controls to control650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s1.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/7E/3D/wKiom1b6LpjQvCMiAABCaU0pHzY845.png

Android to achieve audio bar effect (imitation audio animation without listening audio input) _android

Audio Bar Chart This is the Audio bar chart as shown in the following illustration: Because it's just a custom view usage, we don't actually listen to audio input, and randomly simulate some numbers. If you want to implement a static audio bar chart as shown above, I believe we should be able to quickly find ideas

Analyze audio waveforms, add audio special effects, and add special effects to audio Waveforms

Analyze audio waveforms, add audio special effects, and add special effects to audio Waveforms I. PrefaceHello everyone, I am a technician of 19944, from Hunan. I am famous for my superb skill. I am currently working in TGideas part-time restructuring. Recently, our Minister aiden was working on a Motion mobile component library, which was not frequently used by

There are three ways to play audio in iOS: Avaudioplayer, audio services, audio queues. __ios

This article is mainly about Avaudioplayer, the other two see related articles. Avaudioplayer in the avfoundation frame, so we're going to import avfoundation.framework. The Avaudioplayer class encapsulates the ability to play a single sound. The player can initialize with Nsurl or nsdata, note that Nsurl can not be a network URL and must be a local file URL, because the Avaudioplayer does not have the ability to play network audio, but we can use a l

Audio service and audio Avaudioplayer Audio player usage guide in IOS _ios

Audioservicesplaysystemsound Audio Servicefor simple, no-mix audio, the Avaudio Toolbox Framework provides a simple C-language-style audio service. You can use the Audioservicesplaysystemsound function to play simple sounds. Follow these rules:1. Audio length less than 30 seconds2. The format can only be PCM or IMA43.

[IOS] Play and record audio using audio Queue Services

To play and record audio on iOS devices, Apple recommends that we use the Avaudioplayer and Avaudiorecorder classes in the Avfoundation framework. Although the usage is simpler, it does not support streaming; This means that before playing the audio, you must wait until the entire audio load is complete before you can start playing the

The method of video and audio time stamping and its audio-video synchronization (playback) principle

how to make video and audio time-stampinghttp://blog.csdn.net/wfqxx/article/details/5497138 1. Video time stamp PTS = inc++ * (1000/fps); Where Inc is a static, initial value of 0, each time the timestamp Inc plus 1. In FFmpeg, the code in pkt.pts= m_nvideotimestamp++ * (M_vctx->time_base.num * 1000/m_vctx->time_base.den); 2. Audio time stamp PTS = inc++ * (frame_size * 1000/sample_rate) The code in FFmpeg

Audio Unit Component service Reference (Audio Unit Component Services Reference)

This article mainly introduces the composition of AudioUnit This article is made up of your own understanding. If you have any errors, please contact our netizens for correction. Understand the architecture of Audio Unit Before we started, we realized audioUnit through an AudioUnit object, which is an Effect type AudioUnit of this type. This unit consists of many small scopes, scope has element, elementt has channel, stream format, and properties. Do

Using FEC to improve UDP (RTP) audio and video transmission effects _ audio and video codec

Real-time audio and video domain UDP is the king In the Internet, audio and video real-time interaction using the Transport Layer Scheme has TCP (such as: RTMP) and UDP (such as: RTP) two kinds. The TCP protocol can provide a relatively reliable guarantee for data transmission between two endpoints, which is achieved through a handshake mechanism. When the data is passed to the receiver, the receiver checks

Opening the door to HD: audio of the new generation of audio and video technology

Author: little monk afa published in: Period 2008-03 of Microcomputer Preface "HD" is a complete system, not a single standard or product. In the HD era, both video and audio must meet the HD standard. What is high-definition audio? What are the benefits of high-definition audio compared with normal audio? Starting fro

Audio sampling and audio sampling frequency and Bit Rate in MP3

MP3 is only a type of audio format. However, audio has several important parameters, such as kHz, bit, audio channel, and kbps. the formats are different, and the algorithms are different. Therefore, when the above parameters are the same, the quality of different formats varies greatly. VBR is a kind of dynamic sampling. For more information, see the following d

General Audio Protocol Introduction && knowledge and technical parameters of audio coding

(reprint) Common Audio Protocol IntroductionIntroduction and comparison of common audio protocols for conference TV white PaperFirst, the digital audio principle: The sound is actually a kind of energy wave, therefore also has the frequency and the amplitude characteristic, the frequency corresponds to the time axis, the amplitude corresponds to the level axis. U

Audio Enhancement Software SRS Audio Sandbox

Recently my wife gave me a death order, let me the computer's "broken speakers" to replace, she really can not endure to listen to music without surround sound, watching movies without overweight bass, play no game stereo sound, singing KTV simply do not sound ... Vulgar speech: "Head can be broken, blood flow, wife orders can not be lost." "Yes, this time must be excellent to complete the task of wife confessed!" Can change the speaker to spend money, if not change the speaker can also bring th

HTML5 Video player-videojs+audio tag for video, audio and subtitle sync playback

article shows that in the case does not support HTML5, will be flash play, but in support of HTML5 Firefox play MP4, but encountered great difficulty, although the call to Flash, but has been unable to play (but I have always suspected that my Firefox flash has a problem , don't know if it's true). But if you follow Videojs's advice and put in two-format videos, you won't have this problem.In addition to the writing of video also has a special for flash writing, of course, you can also use this

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