expect script command line arguments

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Shell scripts automatically enter passwords via expect script (using expect)

background: In the remote file download, you need to enter the other party's server password, the shell does not support interactive input content, can be implemented in the following two ways I. Embedding expect in shell scripts for password

Linux expect usage

Expect is a tool built on TCL to automate tasks that require interaction.Because expect is TCL-based, you need to have TCL installed in your systemHow to check?[Email protected] ~]# Whereis tclTcl:/usr/lib/tcl8.4/usr/share/tcl8.4If you do not see

Shell Scripting Interaction: Expect learning notes and examples

Recent project requirements, need to write some shell script interaction, the pipeline is not enough time, expect can be very good to implement the interaction between the script, search for information, found that many articles on the Web are

Linux expect usage

usage1. [#!/usr/bin/expect]This line tells the code in the operating system script to use that Shell to execute. The expect here is actually a kind of thing with bash under Linux and cmd under Windows.Note: This line is required on the first line of

Expect in Linux to bulk modify user password scripts

1, before using expect, need to install two RPM package, The code is as follows Copy Code # RPM-IHV expect-5.43.0-8.el5.i386.rpm# RPM-IHV expect-devel-5.43.0-8.el5.i386.rpm 2, the batch modifies the password

Python command-line arguments and getopt modules

1. Source of demandSometimes we need to write some scripts to deal with some tasks, may enter different commands according to different conditions, to accomplish different tasks. Can you do the same thing as the Linux operating system, looking a

Tutorials for writing command-line tools for UNIX-like systems using Python

Introduction Can you write command-line tools? Maybe you can, but can you write a really useful command-line tool? This article discusses using Python to create a robust command-line tool with built-in Help menus, error handling, and option

tutorial on using Python to write command-line tools for UNIX-like systems _python

Introduction Can you write command line tools? Maybe you can, but can you write a really useful command-line tool? This article discusses the use of Python to create a robust command-line tool with built-in Help menus, error handling, and option

Linux awk usage (mainly command line)

IntroductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put it simply, awk reads the file line-by-row, using spaces as

70 Classic Shell Script interview questions

1) How do I pass parameters to a script?./script argumentExample : Show file name script./show.sh File1.txtcat Show.sh#!/bin/bashcat $2) How do I use parameters in a script?First parameter: $ $, second argument: $ AExample: The script will copy the

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