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Shell Scripting Interaction: Expect learning notes and examples

Recent project requirements, need to write some shell script interaction, the pipeline is not enough time, expect can be very good to implement the interaction between the script, search for information, found that many articles on the Web are

[Linux Comm]expect

expect is a process for interacting 's command. With expect, we can write the interactive process on a script so that it is done automatically. The image of the said, SSH login, FTP login and so on are consistent with the definition of interaction.

Introduction to how to use Linux expect commands

Expect detailed The expect command is simply to implement tools that automatically interact in interactive software through its built-in commands. SSH can be used in conjunction with the Spawn command to achieve automatic SSH login. And because it

Linux bulk Change password via expect

Company recently to a batch of CDN server, need to change the password regularly, originally wanted to use automation tools to achieve this function, but recently busy no time to do, so the first way to modify the script, the Internet search for a

Shell nesting expect execute command in CENTOS6

System: CentOS 6.x 1. Install expect first The code is as follows Copy Code Yum-y Install expect 2. Script content: The code is as follows Copy Code Cat

Use Linux expect command example skillfully

Preface A period of time before the work of the machine replaced by Ubuntu + 128G SSD + 8G memory desktop, and finally embarked on the use of Linux Office Road, in general, Ubuntu is still more smoothly than I imagined, its "apt-get-style" package

Linux common commands and Shell script programming __ Block chain

Import public key to trust certificate Keytool-import-file catserver.cer-keystore "$JAVA _home/lib/security/cacerts"-alias catserver Remove Public key Alias Keytool-delete-alias Catserver-keystore Cacerts-storepass Changeit Remote Debugging

12th. Shell script writing and common face Test (III.)

Directory of this chapter:650) this.width=650; "src=" Https://s2.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/97/5E/wKiom1kuG2Dij8H6AAAuNhrwFhc739.png "title=" QQ picture 20170531092359.png "alt=" Wkiom1kug2dij8h6aaaunhrwfhc739.png "/>12.21 ftp Download file#!/bin/bashif [$

Shell Write automatic installation script automatically read license and auto input enter

Recently relatively busy, in the company wrote a Centreon+nagios platform source automatic installation script (because the company can not even outside the network, the company Yum source a lot of things are not all, so can only take the source

"Shell script Programming Series" Knowledge reserves and scripting of building specifications

ObjectiveLearn about the knowledge reserves required for Shell script programming:Vi/vim Editor Command VIMRC set to be proficientBasic commands, more than 100 skilledBasic and common Network Service commands to be: NFS, rsync, INotify, Lanmp,

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