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Implementation of SSH automatic login server with expect script under Linux

Another small trick, using the expect scripting language to implement SSH automatic connection to the server, you can automatically enter the password. Because every time using SSH root@xx.xx.xx.xx connection server, you have to manually enter the

Linux expect command for bulk SSH encryption

Sometimes we need to send the SSH command to the server in bulk, but it is possible that some of the servers are newly added, and we have not configured SSH encryption, this time will prompt us to enter yes/no or password, etc., expect script

Some minor problems in the first use of Expect, SCP and Net::scp::expect, Net::ssh::expect

I've learned some shells before, but not very deep, and the time to write code is not much. Shortly before the shell was more thin, leader assigned a task to write a script with the shell to upload the Redis source tarball from one server to another

Using shell script +expect to deploy SSH in bulk

Shell script +expect deploying SSH in bulkFirst, the preparation of work and ideas1, three machines to do experiments (centos6.5, ip: (master control),,,ip:22 this one control machine, the other 2 do the

Linux expect automatic login ssh,ftp

expect is a program that allows you to "session" with an interactive program in a way that is set in the script content. Depending on the content of the script, expect can tell what content the program prompts or feeds and what is the correct answer.

[Turn]expect for automatic ssh interaction

Shell script implementation SSH Automatic login remote Server example:#!/usr/bin/expectspawn ssh [email protected]expect "*password:" Send "123\r" expect "*#" interactOriginal link: http://www.xuanhao360.com/linux-expects/Expect is a command to

Linux expect detailed (SSH automatic login)

Shell script implementation SSH Automatic login remote Server example:#!/usr/bin/expectspawn ssh [email protected]expect "*password:"send "123\r"expect "*#"interact Original link: http://www.xuanhao360.com/linux-expects/Expect is a command to handle

Shell scripts automatically enter passwords via expect script (using expect)

background: In the remote file download, you need to enter the other party's server password, the shell does not support interactive input content, can be implemented in the following two ways I. Embedding expect in shell scripts for password

SSH usage under Linux systems (based on personal experience)

For Linux OPS workers, using SSH remote remote server is no longer familiar! Some of the strict settings for SSH also related to server security maintenance, today, I work in the use of SSH experience, do some summary records to the next. (1) After

With a day's time, Linux under the expect implementation of SSH automatic login server, despise under the online various copy to copy to the residual jokes

Because of the client side of the fast 30 projects in a special sequence of restart, so have to find a way to write a script, online read a lot of jokes. It's a broken can. No one can work properly. I'll record it in order.The script itselfUse

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