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Ansible command, Shell, Raw, expect, script, telnet[turn]

This paper mainly introduces several command modules of ansible, including: command-Execute commands on the remote node shell-Let the remote host execute the command under the shell process script-Executes the local script after it

Use the TCL/EXPECT script to implement telnet Batch Processing

There are many methods to complete telnet batch processing. Here we can use a TCL/CT script. Next we will introduce this process. This is a simple TCL/terminal CT script to complete telnet to a remote device. Through this example, we can see that it

Expect use of the detailed

A detailed description of Linux expect usageI. OverviewThrough the shell we can achieve simple control flow functions, such as: cycle, judgment and so on. But for situations where interaction needs to be done manually, we may sometimes need to

Shell script Common commands: Expect

Expect:is based onTcla relatively simple language for a free scripting toolused to implement automated and interactive task programs for communication without manual intervention. For example:ssh ftp , and so on, these programs normally need to

Day 32nd: Shell Programming Distribution system (expect)

Small Q: patriotism means that you are a national of this country, and for this country, it should be compared to otherAll countries have deeper feelings. --George Bernard Shaw=======================================================================A:

Linux Learning Summary (63) Expect script

Expect is a software tool for automated control and testing in UNIX systems, made by Don Libes, as an extension of the TCL scripting language, applied in interactive software such as TELNET,FTP,PASSWD,FSCK,RLOGIN,TIP,SSH, etc.Yum Install-y

The expect command for the Linux script uses

1 overviewExpect, developed by Don Libes based on the TCL (Tool Command Language) language, is mainly used for automating interactive operation scenarios, using expect to process interactive commands, such as SSH logins, FTP logins, and so on in a

"Go" using expect for automatic shell interaction

Original address: http://www.nginx.cn/1934.htmlWhere the shell script needs to interact with the here document is the implementation, but some commands require the user to manually go on the interaction such as passwd, SCPIt is very painful to

Using expect to implement automatic interaction of shell scripts

Using expect to implement automatic interaction of shell scripts It is very effective for complex interactions and even different processing with different screen output. And the General Linux, Unix have. It's very easy to use and powerful. Spawn

Shell Project-Distribution system-expect

[TOC]Distribution System-expect What is a distribution system? Now some of the larger enterprises, most of the use of load balancing, and sometimes because some programs to change, or some bug to modify, if only a few servers, it is very

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