expect script tutorial

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Expect interactive automation scripts

What's a expect?1Expect isA tool for Automating Interactive ApplicationsSuch astelnet, FTP,2passwd, fsck, rlogin, Tip, etc. Expect really makes Thisstuff trivial. Expect3 isAlso useful fortesting these same applications. and by adding Tk, you4can

Linux Advanced Shell Script tutorial

Shell Advanced StepConditional Select if statement to achieve conditional judgmentIf syntax: if Commands;then commands (if the command is true, the subsequent command will be executed, fi ends;)Elif Commands;then Commands (if the previous if is not

Use a PHP script to modify the password of a Linux or Unix system _ PHP Tutorial

Use a PHP script to modify the password of a Linux or Unix system. Required Tools and installation: you must install the following tools and software: Shell script for password modification; Sudo access; ApacheorLighttpdweb server; PHP server

TCL secondary CT tutorial Chinese Version

[Copyright notice]    Copyright (c) 1999      This tutorial is translated by * huluwa * and is modified as needed, so that it can be freely used for non-commercial purposes. However, this [copyright notice] Must be copied during

PHP Script Runtime time-out mechanism explained in detail, PHP script mechanism detailed _php tutorial

PHP Script Runtime time-out mechanism detailed, PHP script mechanism In the development of PHP, often set max_input_time, Max_execution_time, to control the script time-out. But I never thought about the principle behind it. Take advantage of the

PHP implementation of simple mock JSON script sharing, Phpmockjson script _php Tutorial

PHP implementation of simple mock JSON script sharing, Phpmockjson script There are now too many ways to mock, but it might be easier to use this as a temporary mock-up when it is time to connect to the remote server to test the true return, if

Turn: the Windows batch processing function is very powerful with scripts!

I have been engaged in several video codec quality analyses recently. I need to write several scripts and found that in addition to the powerful functions of Python, basic doscommands are also necessary. So I have read several articles. The

Msxsl: Application of script tag in XSLT

XSLT is applied in parsing XML files. In Asp.net programming, you can use the XML control to specify the documentsource attribute to load the XML file and specify the transformsource attribute to load the XSLT file, the XML control automatically

Unity3d Script Tutorial 3: Arrays (Array Class)

Array classes (arrays)Arrays allow you to store multiple objects in a variable. The array class can only be used with JavaScript. For more information about arraylists, dictionaries, or hash tables in C # or JavaScript, refer to MSDN.This is a basic

javascript-Test Framework: Mocha

Reference: http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2015/12/a-mocha-tutorial-of-examples.htmlFirst, installation environment: 工欲善其事, its prerequisite!1. Node. JS Installation:(1) windons environment: Download and install node. JS installation package;Command

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