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Error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before & #39;. & #39; token, expectedconstructor

Error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '.' token, expectedconstructor Today, I encountered the following error when writing code: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '.' token. I

An error occurs during gcc programming: expected ';', ',' or ') 'Before' & 'token

An error occurs during gcc programming: expected ';', ',' or ') 'Before' amp; 'token -- General Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information, the following is a detailed description. The code is as follows: 1 # include 2 Exchg3 (int x, int y) 3 { 4 int tmp = x; 5 x = y; 6 y = tmp; 7 printf ("x = % d, y = % d \ n", x, y ); 8} 9 i

G ++ error: Expected ') 'before' * 'token

Tags: HTTP Io for SP on ef bs c ++ typeOriginally, the type before "*" is defined by typedef, and "mytype * const P" is used;This error occurs because the compiler does not know what mytype is. This is what I encountered in C ++ multi-inheritance. Mytype is the type defined in the public in the base class. The new type is not recognized in its grandson class. However, the mytype type also exists in the son class, but no error is reported.In the sun tz

Syntax error on token "enum", interface expected

In Seasonenum.javapublic class Seasonenum {public enum Features {}}If the appeal code is an error: enum cannot is resolved to a type, which indicates that the system does not recognize an enum. j2se1.5 added the enum keyword to define the enumeration class. Therefore, the enum can only be used after jdk1.5 and later.Workaround:Open the project corresponding to the Properties-->java Compiler, modify the Compiler compliance level to 1.5 or more than 1.5.Syntax error on

Submitted credentials for Token does not match the expected credentials.

1. Error description[ERROR:]2015-10-14 08:46:19,226 [submitted credentials for Token [org.apache.shiro.authc.usernamepasswordtoken-admin , Rememberme=false] did not match the expected credentials.] Org.apache.shiro.authc.IncorrectCredentialsException:Submitted credentials for Token [ Org.apache.shiro.authc.usernamepasswordtoken-admin, Rememberme=false] did not ma

Syntax error on token & quot; package & quot;, assert expected ------ step-on logging, expectedbeforetoken

Syntax error on token "package", assert expected ------ step logging, expectedbeforetoken Today, I encountered a pitfall when writing a program. eclipse Editor, JDK 1.7, and clean compiled the project and reported the error Syntax error on token "package", assert expected. I repeatedly checked whether there were spel

Webpack Packing Compressed ES6 file error UGLIFYJS + unexpected token punc«(», expected punc«:»

Webpack packing compression ES6 JS react error:Upgrade to Babel6.ERROR In/scripts/test/test.bundle.js from UglifyjsUnexpected token punc? (?, expected Punc?:?) [/scripts/test/test.bundle.js:22901,Solution:babel-preset-es2015NPM Install babel-preset-es2015--saveConfigure BabelLoader configuration loaders: [{test:/\.jsx$/, Loader: ' Babel-loader ', query: {presets: [' react ', ' es2015 ']}}Reference Link: Web

Classic error-expected Unqualified-id before string constant

Reproduced from: http://blog.csdn.net/zdl1016/article/details/5824443 The answer is: My code is less than a ";"=====================================Scene:Back to the error line, found no problem.File Error: ptlogin2_api.h (22 lines): expected Unqualified-id before string constantIn the middle of one of my CPP's code (definitely not in header file), I used this file ptlogin2_api.h inside a function of xxx,#

Error message "expected"; ' before ' Output ' "

The program source code is as follows:650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/6F/36/wKiom1WUzB_jHWLaAAXoAgyazXQ965.jpg "title=" 1.png " alt= "Wkiom1wuzb_jhwlaaaxoagyazxq965.jpg"/>Compile-time error:Error:expected ";" Before "a"Error:expected ";" Before "B"Error:expected ";" Before "Output"650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M

Classic troubleshooting process expected unqualified-ID before String constant

The answer is: MyCodeA ";" Missing============================================Site: Return to the row that reported the error and find that there is no problem. Error file: ptlogin2_api.h (Row 22): Expected unqualified-ID before String constant In the middle of one of my CPP Code (definitely not in the header file), I used a function XXX in the ptlogin2_api.h file, # Ifdef _ cplusplusExtern "C" {=>

Compiler expected Unqualified-id before numeric constant error

Today debug code, encounter expected Unqualified-id before numeric constant error, code error module appears on a function module,It is strange that this function module has been compiled many times before, and has not been modified, highlighting errors.Online check, found that this error is generally in other places there are errors, the compiler error place in

G ++ error: Expected Nested-name-specifier before 'xxx'

Tags: des style blog HTTP color Io AR for SP 1 template All the codes are compiled in.Delete the preceding public typename. The error is not reported. Alas, there are many problems with the ISO standard. The expansion implementation of various platforms is also messy.References:Http://bbs.csdn.net/topics/370075224Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5249835/expected-nested-name-specifier-before-const-error

Expected identifier before numeric constant

1, This happens when the following statements exist: [CPP]ViewPlaincopyprint? Printf ("\ n \ t \ tsales as percentage of inventory: \ t % F ".\ 100 * (float) total_cars_sold [brand]/(float) Cars_in_stock [brand]); 57: 7: Error: Expected identifier before numeric constant The reason is that \ is not. It is written by mistake. 2, Cause: the defined Enum struct conflicts with the macro definition in oth

When tar is packaged, the following error occurs: reached end-of-file before expected solution.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- This is andkylee's personal originality. Please repost it with respect to the author's Labor achievements; ---- The original source must be specified for reprinting.:Http://blog.csdn.net/andkylee --- 2010-05-12 11:18:43 ---- Keyword: Tar AIX ulimit jfs2 package compression Decompression ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- When packaging a folder with tar in a ibm-aix5.3, an

Error: Expected expression before 'struct

In Linux C/C ++ programming, the error "error: Expected expression before 'struct '" is often encountered. This error is generally caused by undefined macros (macro-set macros) or parameters, the compiler may determine that the current statement is invalid in the following situations.1. the header file IOCTL. H is missing. The ioctl function cannot be compiled when vidioc_querycap is used. Solution: # In

Error: Expected '=', ';', 'asm 'or' _ attribute _ 'before'

The following error occurs when compiling a file with GCC today: Expected '=', ';', 'asm 'or' _ attribute _ 'before' The statement is almost commented out, and compilation is still not passed. Check include to find that the include has missed the critical !! I wrote it as follows: Include ...... It took two minutes. It seems that the sentence is still written carefully.CodeIt is better than debugging

C ++ error set: Expected unqualified-ID before 'using'

Today I wrote an occi C ++ProgramThe result is an inexplicable error after compilation. The information is as follows: G ++-C tdbpro. cpp-I/u01/Oracle/rdbms/public-I ./Tdbpro. cpp: 3: Error: Expected unqualified-ID before 'using' The first line of tdbpro. cppCodeContains the header file. The second row is empty, and the third row is the using namespace STD: # Include "tdbpro. H" Using namespace STD;

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