explain file transfer protocol

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An interesting question--http is "Hypertext Transfer Protocol" or "Hypertext Transfer Protocol"

Recently in the "HTTP diagram" This book, the book mentions the domestic translation of the name of the HTTP protocol, and give some friends to discuss the original link, I looked at a bit of interesting, and I also think that translation for

PHP surface Test Two of the use of the Transfer Protocol

This article is about the PHP surface of the question two of the use of the transmission protocol, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to 1.HTTP (Hyper Text Transport Protocol): Hypertext Transfer

"Rl-tcpnet Network Tutorial" chapter 35th FTP File Transfer Protocol basics

Chapter 35th FTP File Transfer Protocol basicsThis chapter explains the basic knowledge of FTP (file Transfer Protocol, document Transfer Protocol), and facilitates the actual operation of the following chapters.(The knowledge points in this chapter

Xmodem protocol.

Abstract: This article describes the use of Xmomdem File Transfer Protocol programming, the design for the flash memory embedded system with the PC on the Super terminal software between the file transfer function, in the PC without the installation

Network Protocol Model Analysis

Network Protocol Model Analysis Network Protocol designers should not design a single, huge protocol to complete the details of all forms of communication regulations, but should divide the communication problems into multiple small problems, then a

TCP/IP protocol Family (i) HTTP introduction, request method and response status code

Next, I would like to review the TCP/IP protocol family related things, of course, most of these things were learned in college, but that sentence, the basis of things still need to review the back of the time. The next few blog is about the TCP/IP

Literacy HTTPS and SSL/TLS protocol [1]: Background knowledge, protocol requirements, design difficulties

Transferred from: https://program-think.blogspot.com/2014/11/https-ssl-tls-1.htmlLiteracy HTTPS and SSL/TLS protocol [1]: Background knowledge, protocol requirements, design difficultiesArticle Directory★ Relevant Background knowledgeWhat are the

TCP/IP protocol ----- excellent notes, tcpip protocol -----

TCP/IP protocol ----- excellent notes, tcpip protocol -----1. Introduction The TCP/IP Protocol is not a single TCP Protocol or an IP Protocol. It is a group of protocols, including TCP and IP Protocol, UDP Protocol, and ICMP Protocol) protocol and

The difference between TCP protocol and UDP Protocol (RPM)

The difference between TCP protocol and UDP Protocol (RPM)First we find out that the TCP protocol and the UCP protocol and the TCP/IP protocol, many people confused, has always been the TCP/IP protocol and the difference between the UDP protocol, I

TCP/IP (vii) the play-to-HTTP protocol

ObjectiveThe previous blog post simply introduces the HTTP protocol that belongs to the application layer, and this article will learn the HTTP protocol in detail, which is a protocol that must be used in web development. Although I am big data, but

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