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C # Advanced Programming, Chapter 7th, operator and type casting--Learning Notes

The basic elements of the Operator programming language, which makes our code more concise and straightforward. However, in order to solve the problem of different types of operands, we have introduced the concept of forced conversion. Let's look at

[Understanding C ++ (1)] type conversion (Type Casting)

[Understanding C ++ (1)] type conversion (Type Casting) Luo chaohui (http://www.cnblogs.com/kesalin/ ) CC license. For more information, see Source   Type conversion is to convert the expression of the given type to another type. There are

C Language Type casting

C language Type castingCoercion of type conversions is accomplished through type conversion operations. Its general form is: (type specifier) (an expression) whose function is to cast the result of an expression into a type that is represented by

C Language pointer type casting

About the C language pointer type cast reference an article:In C, any variable must occupy an address, and the 0-1 code in that address space is the value of the variable. Different data types occupy varying sizes of space, but they all have to have

Explicit type conversions in C + +

Type conversion Maybe everyone is not strange, int i; float J; j = (float) i; i = (int) J; Explicit conversions like this are very common, forcing type conversions may lose some of the data, so if you do not add (int) to do the cast, strict

C # Reference Conversion keywords: operator, explicit and implicit

operatorThe operator keyword is used to declare an operator in a class or struct declaration. An operator declaration can take one of the following four forms: public static result-type operator Unary-operator (op-type operand) public

How C # Custom types are converted operator, and the difference between implicit (implicit) and explicit (display) declarations

MSDN Reference: Http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/s53ehcz3.aspx http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/ z5z9kes2.aspx the Http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/xhbhezf4.aspxoperator keyword to overload a built-in operator, or to provide a

C + + type conversions

An article from cplusplus.com, which is the most comprehensive, meticulous, and in-depth article I have seen about C + + type conversion. This article describes the various types of C + + conversions, including: implicit type conversion of basic

C # Type Conversions

Type conversions are essentially type casting, or the conversion of data from one type to another. There are two forms of type casting in C #: implicit type conversions -These transformations are the default, safe conversion of C #, and do

C + + type conversions: static_cast, dynamic_cast, reinterpret_cast, and Const_cast (Dynamic_cast also supports cross

In C + +, there is a type conversion, which usually means a flaw (not absolute). So, for type conversions, there are several principles:(1) Try to avoid type conversions, including implicit type conversions(2) If a type conversion is required, use

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