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"Arduino" uses C # to enable Arduino to communicate with computers serially

When programming to Arduino, because there is no debugging tools, often through the use of serial communication to call Serial.print and SERIAL.PRINTLN output Arduino running the relevant information, and then on the computer with the Arduino The IDE's serial monitor to see the print out information. Serial Monitor not only accepts data that

[Arduino] Arduino receives strings

[Arduino] Arduino receives strings Related Articles [Arduino] Getting Started [10] communication between the Arduino bluetooth module and Android In [Arduino] development entry [10] communication between the Arduino bluetooth mod

Ros Learning-016 arduino-for-ros-001 Build a connected development environment between Arduino and Ros

Arduino for ROS-001 -build a development environment for the ROS and Arduino connections My ubuntu system:ubuntu 14.04.10 TLS 32-bitArduino version:Arduino 1.6.11 Linux 32-bitRos version used:Ros Indigo one. Download and install the relevant software Step 0. If you have not installed Ros Indigo This version of the Ros robot operating system on Ubuntu , please refer to this blog for installation: Ros Learni

Kienct and Arduino Study Notes (1) Basic Knowledge: Arduino 'nginx' Processing

Reprinted please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/lxk7280 First, give a preliminary understanding of the main things to be used. There are two categories: hardware and software. Hardware, that is, Kinect. Software, I .e., Arduino and processing. Arduibo is believed to have been used by many people. Many electronic products such as robots and quad-axis aerial vehicles are related to the romantic compiler of

Use Arduino Uno for the Arduino Mini (Pro) Burn program

Prepare for Arduino Mini (Pro) burning program with Arduino Uno Arduino Uno Arduino Mini (Pro) DuPont Line several Wiring First remove the chip on the Arduino atmega328p WiringUno-–mini0 (Rx) –0 (RX)1 (TX) –1 (TX)vcc--VCCgnd--GNDReset–rst

Arduinoyun tutorial on the Arduino programming environment setup

Arduinoyun Tutorial of Arduino programming environment to build Arduino programming environmentIn general, what we call Arduino is a development board that we can actually see, which can be Arduino UNO, Arduino Yun, Arduino Mega,

Raspberrypi and Arduino use nrf24l01 + Communication-Arduino is the receiver

Raspberry Pi sending code: http://www.cnblogs.com/hangxin1940/archive/2013/05/01/3053467.html # Prepare the rf24 Library Https://github.com/maniacbug/RF24 First download the required code Here, we need the five files 'rf24. H' 'rf24. cpp ''rf24 _ config. H' 'nrf24l01. H' 'printf. H'.Create the rf24 folder in the libraries folder of Arduino and put them in. You can view rf24 in the import of Arduino IDE. Do

"Arduino" anroid app with Arduino ch05, for Bluetooth communication problems encountered

Arduino program upload unsuccessful display system cannot find the specified fileThe error message appears to beAvrdude:ser_open (): Can ' t open device ' \\.\COM1 ': The system cannot find the file specified.AVRDUDE:STK500_RECV (): Programmer is not responding what's going onIf your IDE appears AVRDUDE:STK500_RECV (): Programmer is not a hint of responding, be careful to see if your number 0 and number 1 are plugged in. If you connect the digital tub

Arduino Trolley Tutorial--the third day (Arduino Foundation)

Hello everyone, I'm a small-story,Remember the previous section click the Open linkWe're talking about the Arduino Foundation today.First download the program on the Arduino official website.Windows Decompression versionVersion of the Apple systemOK, download the programming software. Let's just talk about programming.This is a programming language similar to C + +.void Setup () { }This is the initial stat

Arduino car entry-fourth day (sensor), arduino car

Arduino car entry-fourth day (sensor), arduino car Hello everyone, I am a small Editor. Record the content in the previous section and click "open link ". Today we will talk about sensors. Today we will talk about light and ultrasound. Start with a chart: There are three optical interfaces: UCC, out, And GND. Ultrasonic has four interfaces: UCC, T, E, And GND. The following is the principle. The ultrasoni

[Arduino] Arduino Pig Head Notes

1. Stepper Motor DriveOnly today to find out .... Originally in the different stepper motor drive module inside, the cycle clock is not the same ....Stepper Motor Drive module and circuit configuration:The main parts of the driver code:int sp_param = 16383;Digitalwrite (motorstp_a, high);Delaymicroseconds (Sp_param);Digitalwrite (motorstp_a, low);Delaymicroseconds (Sp_param);(The top 16383 is the maximum number of unsigned int, or 16ms, or the maximum value of the Delaymicroseconds input paramet

Arduino Advanced Tutorial 01: Basic article

I'm with Arduino, and why write this series of articlesArduino has been on fire for years, and it's not a new technology. If someone is not clear about what Arduino is, I'm sorry, please search by yourself, open any Wikipedia introduction or a fan of the series of articles, people introduced more than I know more comprehensive. I'm afraid I don't have to repeat it here.The first contact with

Arduino Literature Review

-- Skip the cover here -- Arduino Literature Review Abstract: Arduino is an open source code-based software and hardware platform (Arduino board, Arduino IDE) that supports Java and C language development environments. With its simple development method, more and more professional hardware enthusiasts choose

Introduction to Arduino (i)

Abstract: This article focuses on what Arduino, the Arduino development environment, and the Arduino-related resources website, etc. What is Arduino? Arduino is a convenient, flexible, and easy-to-start open source electronic prototyping platform that includes hardware (vari

Chapter 7 exploring the core mechanism of Qt-signal and slot, exploring qt

Chapter 7 exploring the core mechanism of Qt-signal and slot, exploring qt Chapter 7 exploring the core mechanism of Qt-signal and slot Note: To use Qt's core mechanism signal and slot, you must declare the Q_OBJECT macro in the private data zone of the class, and then the moc compiler will be responsible for reading the macro for code conversion, so that the uni

Setup and Simulation of Arduino UNO Simulation Development Environment

Setup and Simulation of Arduino UNO Simulation Development Environment 1. Introduction to the Proteus simulation platform Proteus software is an EDA tool software published by Labcenter electronics. (Guangzhou fengbiao electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is the general agent of this software in China ). It not only has simulation functions of other EDA tool software, but also can simulate single-chip microcomputer and peripheral devices. It is currently

Open-source hardware platform Arduino

Open-source circuit diagram design and program development interfaces can be downloaded for free and can be modified as needed. Arduino is not only the world's most popular open source hardware, but also an excellent hardware development platform, but also a trend in hardware development. The simple development method of Arduino allows developers to focus more on creativity and implementation, and quickly c

Teach you how to create an Arduino of 3.3v

The Arduino pro mini is a micro-control panel based on atmega328 and supports 5 V/3.3v voltages. However, the default voltage is 5 V. How can we make this board support 3.3v voltage. Preparations 1. If you have never used Arduino, You need to download the IDE first. The installation method is not described here. 2. Prepare two board boards, one of which is our Arduino

[Arduino] Open Source Development Board description

New microcontroller types from all over the world emerge one after another. Most of these development boards use Arduino-improved versions, such as y ún, Which is improved by Arduino, it mainly improves or upgrades other wireless functions for the mesh network. However, some development boards have their own unique designs and basic function upgrades. Here we will take a look at these new partners that hav

Install Arduino in Ubuntu and use Emacs for development

This morning I attended a Pre-competition presentation on arduino. The organizer sent a set of arduinoUNO kits and a book on arduino development to each group. I flipped through the book and said that arduino is an open-source project (all open-source projects in this year), using an Arduino development language simila

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