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C # export html to word (based on wps)

Because of the customer's needs, we need to implement the function of exporting web pages to word. In this process, we tried to use openoffice, itext, wordapi and other methods, which were not satisfactory. The image information exported by openoffice cannot be seen in word2007. It is normal for itext to export the nested table format in disorder and export the w

C # export Word documents and batch export Word documents (3 ),

C # export Word documents and batch export Word documents (3 ), Obtain the relative path of the template when initializing WordHelper. To obtain the relative path of a document, you must use it in multiple places. For example, you must first save the file to the specified pa

ASP. NET2.0 export Word documents (C # export DOC)

I see a lot about ASP on the network. NET export DOC file examples, some simply export html pages directly as DOC files without any processing, but there will be many errors, such as displaying some controls as images. I have also seen a XX system created by Microsoft for a large Chinese company. The exported DOC file is actually XML in some special format, but I

ASP. net2.0 export Word documents (C # export DOC)

I see a lot about ASP on the network. net export DOC file examples, some simply export HTML pages directly as DOC files without any processing, but there will be many errors, such as displaying some controls as images. I have also seen a XX system created by Microsoft for a large Chinese company. The exported DOC file is actually XML in some special format, but I

Java implementation HTML Rich Text Export to Word perfect solution

First, the question of the proposedRecently developed a science and technology project information management system with Java, there is a Project application template to fill in the project declaration information function, there is a science and technology project application Word export function.Existing implementation: The standard JSP template output implementation, in short, is to render the data into

JS Export HTML to Word

The drawback is that the exported Word document does not have a style in HTML and is appropriate for exporting the HTML of the article class1, the introduction of documents (below the plugin source code) //jquery Version No restrictions2. Click events, use Plugins, export word

How to generate a Word document or HTML file from PDM export in PowerDesigner

A) Open the PDM file using PowerDesignerb) Click on the report Temlates to make the templateClick on the PowerDesigner menu bar "Report", "Report Templates"c) Select the template data itemComplete step a), get the following interface, left and right 2 zones, select the data items you want to show in the Word document in the Aavailable area, here we select list of Tables, and List of table columns[data table

Export an HTML page as Word

Use JS and PHP to export the page to Word's code:$ (' #toWord '). Click (function() {setTimeout (function(){ varTime= ' ; varstyle = document.getElementsByTagName (' style ') [0].innerhtml; Style= ""; //Console.log (style); vart = document.getElementById (' Printtext '). innerhtml;//Gets the contents of the word to be generated T= B.encode (style+t);//Cryptographic Oper

Use Javascript to export a WORD in a specified area of an Html page

1 lt; html gt; 2 lt; head gt; 3 lt; title gt; test HTML to export content to WORD lt;/title gt; 4 lt; scripttype quot; text/javascript quot; language quot; javascript quot; gt; 5 // import the content of the specified page area to Wo 1 2 3 Test HTML

Export DataTable data as excel/word/txt/html document using HttpResponse

. "Filename=xxx.xls" specifies the output file name with an extension that matches the file type:. doc. xls. txt. htmlHttpresponse.appendheader ("content-disposition","attachment; Filename="+ Httputility.urlencode (fileName, Encoding.UTF8) +". xls"); //Export FileSystem.IO.StringWriter SW = SW =NewSystem.IO.StringWriter (); System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter HTW=NewSystem.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter (SW); //To resolve a possible paging situation in dgdata, you ne

Word Export HTML Implementation online preview

FileImageExtractor(new File(outPutFilePath + imageUrl))); options.setIgnoreStylesIfUnused(false); options.setFragment(true); options.URIResolver(new IURIResolver() {@Override rewrite the method, plus this error, you see what the problempublic string Resolve (string uri) {return imageUrl + URI;}}); Step 3:convert xwpfdocument to XHTML xhtmlconverter.getinstance (). Convert (document, out, options); }else{hwpfdocument worddocument = new Hwpfdocument (new FileInputStrea

Use PowerDesigner to export some of the word/html configuration

Goal: Export Code and column lists (including fields, types, comments) based on physical views. Because there are too many features exported by default, most of them are not what they want, here is a simple way to export some of the target configuration, left to spare.Where the map in the title and the code preview in the table table do not need to be configured. The key is the column list, which needs to b

C # export data sources to EXCEL and Word

[j]. Cells [k]. Value. ToString ();50}51 sw. WriteLine (tempStr );52 progreesBar. Value + = 100/gridView. RowCount;53}54 sw. Close ();55 myStream. Close ();56 progreesBar. Value = 100;57 MessageBox. Show ("data has been successfully exported to:" + saveFileDialog. FileName. ToString (), "exported", MessageBoxButtons. OK, MessageBoxIcon. Information );58 progreesBar. Value = 0;59 progreesBar. Visible = false;60}61 catch (Exception e)62 {63 MessageBox. Show (e. Message, "friendly prompt", Message

ASP. NET (C #) export data to Word or Excel

The simplest way is to export everything on the page. Called during loading. Note that no other controls, including buttons, are available on the page. Void converttoexcel () { Response. Clear (); Response. Buffer = true; Response. Charset = "GB2312 "; Response. AppendHeader ("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename =" + DateTime. Now. ToString ("yyyyMMddhhmmss") + ". xls "); Response. ContentEncoding = System. Text. Encoding. GetEncoding ("GB2312

asp.net (C #) export data to Word or Excel

The easiest way to do this is to export everything on the page. Called during load, note that there are no other controls in the page, including buttons void Converttoexcel () { Response.Clear (); Response.Buffer = true; Response.Charset = "GB2312"; Response.appendheader ("Content-disposition", "attachment;filename=" + DateTime.Now.ToString ("YYYYMMDDHHMMSS") + ". XLS "); response.contentencoding = System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding ("GB2312");

C # export pages to Word (with pictures and controls)

); //Close all Word documentsWordApp2.NormalTemplate.Saved =true; Object SaveChanges2=Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.WdSaveOptions.wdSaveChanges; WordApp2.Documents.Close (SaveChanges2, Type.Missing, Type.Missing); //quit the Word application try      {WordApp2.Application.Quit (Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Type.Missing); if(WordApp2! =NULL){WORDAPP2=NULL; } } Catch

How to export a Word document in a C ++ Program

The method for exporting Word documents in the C ++ Program-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. If you want to process Word documents in the application, refer to MSDN. lori Turner. automating Microsoft Office 97 and Office 2000. The content of this article is comprehensive, but it is very tr

Use C # to convert Word to PDF error "Export failed due to unexpected error" solution

A few days ago the customer said that the OA system could not preview a document in a doc format, and that the log was in Word converted to the PDF times "due to an unexpected error, export failed" error. I had this problem before, because word itself could not be saved as a PDF, and there would be an error "export fai

C # GridView Export Excel and Word files

Export Excel Button Eventsprotected void Button1_Click (object sender, EventArgs e){Export ("Application/ms-excel", "farmland environmental data. xls");}Export Word button Eventsprotected void button2_click (object sender, EventArgs e){Export ("Application/ms-excel", "Farmla

C # export Word table code

Using system;using system.collections.generic;using system.linq;using system.web;using System.Web.UI;using System.web.ui.webcontrols;using system.reflection;using system.io;using system.data.sqlclient;using System.Data; Namespace webapplication1{ Public partial class printword:system.web.ui.page { N Bsp protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e) { /Querydataset (); } // C # Export

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