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POSTGRES-XL Cluster construction and testing

POSTGRES-XL Cluster construction and testing CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 First, host planning Cnode1 (GTM) cnode2 (Gtm_proxy,coordinator,datanode) cnode3

Import and export of Excel in the Postgres database

With Windows systems, Excel is always unavoidable.The Postgres version is 9.3.6;windows 8.1 64-bit.There is no way to find Excel directly import Postgres, there is a tool is XLSTOPG, similar to SQL Server Import and Export Data Wizard, but not open

Linux installation configuration postgres and use Dblink

Long time do not write things, have been looking at some open source things, the following paste on Linux installation configuration postgres and use Dblink operation reference for readers and their future reference:1. Download Source: postgresql-9.3

Oracle, Postgres, MySQL database build, create user, lead export backup summary

What this article contains: Use commands to manipulate import and export of Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, including logging on to dataNote: I am using the Center OS operating system in the company, so both Oracle and Postgres are used in Linux and not

Linux Postgres for export and import

Postgres can be used to export data from the Pg_dump database. [1] Export only the database structure of all objects C:\>pg_dump-f dddddd.sql-i-c-e utf8-n public-s-u portal-h localhost-w Portal -I is for a compatible database version -C

Postgres Database Backup

Postgres Database backup:Pg_dump [OPTION] ... [DBNAME]/USR/PGSQL-9.4/BIN/PGdump-fc-h database name >/var/pgsqlback/ruleplatform.sql. '/bin/date + '%Y %b%d%h%m "#pg_dump is to back up the database directives#-F Where to put the

-ORA2PG of Oracle Migration Postgres

Description ORA2PG: Oracle PostgreSQL Database Mode Converter is a free tool for Oracle Database migration to PostgreSQL compatibility mode. It connects to the Oracle database, scans it to automatically extract its structure or data, and generates

Data export for PostgreSQL database

first, the use of Pg_dump:Import and export of databases is one of the most commonly used features, each of which provides tools for this, such as Oracle's Exp/imp,informix Dbexp/dbimp,mysql mysqldump, and PostgreSQL provides a corresponding tool

Import and export scripts for personal postgres databases

In the work often to develop and test import and export some test database, so wrote a script for easy operation.The company is currently using the postgres9.3 database.#!/bin/bash# defines some variables and operation commands dbs= "DB1DB2DB3DB4"

Linux install PostgreSQL and start and close tutorials

Operating system version[Root@web103 ~]# More/etc/issueCentOS release 5.9 (Final)Kernel \ r \m[Root@web103 ~]# Uname-aLinux web103 2.6.18-348.el5 #1 SMP Tue 8 17:53:53 EST 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 gnu/linuxdownload corresponding PostgreSQL

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