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Ext JS Learning Eighth Day Ext Basic Understanding Ext.js and Ext-more.js

This article to record the study notes;• Know Ext.js and ext-more.js first of all, we need to know the role of these 2 JS files, these two files contain some basic definitions of EXT, basic properties and methods, we want to focus on learning and drill down into the underlying code for research. • If shown: API location, Ext.js method: –ext.applyext.applyif–ext.e

Ext js 4 countdown: Dynamic Loading and new class mechanism count down to ext JS 4: Dynamic Loading and New Class System (below)

Document directory Example Iv. comprehensive example bringing it all together Ext js 4 countdown: Dynamic Loading and new class mechanism count down to ext JS 4: Dynamic Loading and New Class System (Lower) January 19,201 1 by EdText Translation ext (ajaxjs.com) Frank

Ext js 4 countdown: Dynamic Loading and new class mechanism count down to ext JS 4: Dynamic Loading and new class system (on)

Document directory Class Definition Multi-state mixins Configuration item Automatic Reader auto setters and getters for configurations Ext js 4 countdown: Dynamic Loading and new class mechanism count down to ext JS 4: Dynamic Loading and New Class System (I) January 19,201 1 by EdText Translation

EXT 4 source code (1)-Ext. js

Ext4 does not explain what ext4 is. It can read thisArticleYou must know. Download the ext4 compressed package, dozens of megabytes a day. This is not written by humans. But what I want to say is: the author intentionally makes it so big that there is not so much single source code, about 3 MB. It is not easy to interpret the source code of Ext. But I believe many people need it! I hope this source code explanation will benefit you a lot.

Ext JS expands native javascript Objects Based on Ext On the ninth day

Ext JS expands native javascript Objects Based on Ext On the ninth dayExtJS extends native Javascript-Ext.Object-Ext.Number-Ext.String-Ext.Array-Ext.Function-Ext.Date-Ext.Error -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ext. object no.1 chain (Object object) Copying code //

Ext front-end receives the json data example passed by action _ extjs

This article provides an example of how ext receives json data from an action. For more information about how to receive json data from an action, see ext. The Code is as follows: Ext. Ajax. request ({Method: 'post', // Request methodParams: {dagl_code: dagl_code },Url

Let's talk about Ext JS components-Component base class: Ext. Component

Let's talk about Ext JS components-Component base class: Ext. ComponentOverview Ext. Component is the base class of all Ext components, which is mentioned in the first sentence of Ext. Component API. The second section describes t

Ext JS Learning 12th Day EXT Base operation Dom; Get and Fly method

refactoring, so I see a more concise and clear code, that is, this JS file: Abstractelement.js, he has two top-of-the-line function, let developers sigh again the power of ext bottom. They are ext.get and ext.fly. Well! Please remember their names!! One approach uses a caching mechanism to improve the efficiency of getting DOM nodes, while the other uses JavaScript's classic ' enjoy meta ' mode to improve

Two Methods for submitting to action on the ext Interface

password is incorrect! ');}},Failure: function (XMLHTTP, request ){W. Close ();Ext. msg. Alert ('error', "server error ");} });} } Second: Ext. getcmp ("save"). On ('click', submit); // when you click the Save button with the ID, run the loginfun function. function submit () { var W = ext. getcmp ("_ window"); var F =

Read ext to learn JavaScript (1) Core/EXT. js

From the library perspective, ext (a friend who likes Chinese can visit its Chinese site) is not much different from prototype jquery Yui, but it has its advantages, complete oo support, mature general-purpose widgets, and support themes, good scalability, fast update and release of new widgates,CommunityIt is also very lively. The most important thing is that I personally like it. OpenSource codeTake a look at its structure: Start with core.

UI device Trainer: Use ext js to create the "about" dialog box (suitable for beginners of ext ).

Sometimes, is it easy for us to use ext because of its shy JS syntax? There may be many examples when we first came into contact with each other. However, when we sighed, we still felt that it was a mouse to pull the mouse and we couldn't start with it? Perhaps, we should calm down and do not have to drill down. A casual interface can be drawn by Ext, it seems th

Ext JS Learning Sixth day Ext custom Class (i)

parameter of the Define method properties configuration, we need to find ext for the class supported API and to match Well, it's customary to go to the chestnuts, see the Chestnut code.1Ext.onready (function () {2 //Config, constructor constructor3 4 //How to define a class in Ext: Ext.define (ClassName, properties, callback)5Ext.define (' person ',{6 //Here are some of the configuration in

Ext Learning--ext Two JS between the two parameters

A JS access B js, and a Select the GUID of the line to B to the JS processing mattersA's JS notationvar receiverfrom = new Xxx.xxx Child JS method body name ({parentcmp: _this, patientname:in_org_id: _this.grid.getselectionmodel (). Selected.items[0].raw. in_org_id,xx:123});

Ext JS Learning 14th Day Ext Foundation of Ext.domhelper

'}] }); Ext.DomHelper.append (' D1 ', ' ); //4:inserthtml Method//This method is to manipulate the native node nodes //parameter Description: string where, Htmlelement/textnode el, string HTMLExt.DomHelper.insertHtml (' Beforebegin ', ext.getdom (' D1 '), ' ) //5:overwrite MethodExt.DomHelper.overwrite (' D1 ', {tag: ' span ', HTML: ' I'm covered span '}); Ext.DomHelper.overwrite (' D1 ', ' AAAAA '); //6:createtemplate Method varTP = Ext.DomHelper.createTemplate (' //return

Ext JS Learning the Extended native JavaScript object of the day Ext Foundation (ii)

);--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------Ext.function API to provide you with 13 methods, are not used to say--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------Ext.dateExt.Date.between (Date date,date start,date end):

Sencha Ext JS 5 released

, deep links can be implemented in the application. With these updates, application development will be more efficient.Responsive Layout From today on, by using a responsive Configuration System, Ext JS 5 provides an optimal visual experience for applications across desktops and tablets without any changes in the direction.Component upgrade As the demand for components increases, Sencha continues to enhance

Ext foreground receives the JSON data sample from the action _extjs

The ext foreground receives the JSON data that the action passes over Copy Code code as follows: Ext.Ajax.request ({ Method: ' POST ',//Request mode Params: {Dagl_code:dagl_code}, url:lcwpath+ "/daxt/lcgl.shtml?method=getjgbycode",//requested URL address Success:function (response, opts) { if (response.responsetext!= ' {} ') { alert (Response.responsetext); var dagl_jg = Ext.util.JSON

Ext JS Learning Seventh Day Ext custom class, Inheritance (ii)

This article to record the study notesA Simple ext inherited chestnutExt.onready (function() {Ext.define (' Person ', {config:{name:' Z3 '}, constructor:function(config) {varme = This ; Me.initconfig (config); } }); //Sub ClassExt.define (' Boy ',{ //Inheritance using extExtend: ' Person ', config:{Sex:Male, Age:20 } }); varb = ext.create (' Boy ', {name:' Zhang San ', Age:25 });}) alert (b.name); alert (b.sex); alert (b.age

Re-explore EXT JS 6 (Sencha touch/ext upgrade) changes (Compile command, scroll bar, control layer, model layer, route)

A lot has changed since Sencha Touch 2.4.2 upgrade to Ext JS 6,cmd version upgraded to 6.0First from the cmd, cmd 6 in the Sencha app build package can not be used, Sencha app build native seems to be useless.And the good news is that we can useSencha Ant Native BuildSencha Ant Package BuildThese two commands, the visual and the previous effect almostAnd then say the change of

Ext JS Learning 15th Day Ext Foundation of Ext.domquery

Other methods://1:compile: Compiling a selector or XPath into a reusable functionvar fn = Ext.DomQuery.compile (' span '); Alert (FN);var arr = fn (ext.getdom (' D1 ')); Ext.Array.each (arr,function//2:filter: Filter An array of elements using a simple selector // var arr = document.getelementsbytagname (' div ' var Filterarr = Ext.DomQuery.filter (arr, ' div[id=d1] ', false ); Ext.Array.each (Filterarr,function//is: Determines whether the element matches a simple selector alert (Ext.DomQuery.i

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