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Building AJAX Applications with Ext JS: A JavaScript framework for rich Internet application development

Introduction: Ext JS is a powerful JavaScript™ library that simplifies asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax) development by using reusable objects and parts. This article introduces Ext JS, outlines the object-oriented JavaScript design concept behind

Ext Introductory Learning Series (ii) Popup form

Label:Chapter Two Popup formThe previous section learned the environment of ext and the most basic operation-pop-up dialog box, as a primer, this section describes how to pop up a new form, from the example to explain the basic operating principle

EXT JS Framework simulates Windows desktop menu Administrative Templates

Tags: des style http java os io art arAn ultra-cool backstage, ext simulation Windows desktop, ext Classic light blue style, features very powerful, including maximized, minimized, status bar, desktop icon, etc., but need to understand the Ext

Gwt-ext Experience Tour, part 1th: Introduction to Gwt-ext

Overview Gwt-ext is a powerful Web development control library based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and ExtJs. It expands GWT and implements a sort-enabled table (grid) based on ExtJs, paging, filtering, support for drag-and-drop trees, highly customiz

Sencha Ext JS 6 Quick Start (Must see) _javascript tips

Sencha Ext JS is now the world's most advanced and most powerful JavaScript application development framework that supports multi-platform and multiple devices. First look at the development of Ext JS history. 1 Ext JS Development history 1.yui-ext

Sencha Ext JS 6 Getting Started

Label:Sencha Ext JS is now the world's most advanced and powerful JavaScript application development framework that supports multi-platform and multi-device. First look at the development history of Ext JS.1 Ext JS Development history

Ext window Windows and dialog box Messagebox_extjs

Look at the following code: Copy Code code as follows: var i=0; function Newwin () { var win = new Ext.window ({ Title: "Window" +i++, width:400, HEIGHT:300, Maximizable:true }); Win.show (); } Ext.onready ( func

EXT JS Learning

Tags: named height integrated load LTE Eve res Lin pageBasic steps for using EXT<!--introduce the required CSS file/resources/css/ext-all.css--<link rel= "stylesheet" type= "Text/css" href= "./ext-js/resources/css/ext-all.css"

Ext: Xming + PuTTY program using graphical interface for remote Linux host under Windows

Tags: blog http io os ar using for SP filesFirst, the principleThe Linux/unix X window has network transparency. The X window System has a unified server that is responsible for each program's interaction with input such as displays, keyboards, and

Ext-desktop Web Desktop Project leetop development <持续更新中....> __web </持续更新中....>

Preface have been doing Ext desktop project for so long, feel the convenience of the development of Ext also saw the development of Ext Short Board, ext may be more suitable for the internal system of the enterprise better, for the Internet developm

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