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Extending an interface by using extension methods

It is unclear how to preheat the extension method.Recommendation: http://www.cnblogs.com/luluping/archive/2008/05/26/1207530.htmlExcerpt: http://www.cnblogs.com/luluping/archive/2008/05/26/1207536.html1 , the process logic of extending the method

Extending the Server Explorer table right-click menu and connecting to the database through the VSPackage in VS2012

The recent use of idle time to learn the VSPackage, so the idea of extending a template code generation tool in the IDE has sprouted. Here are some notes from the study.I. Extension Server Explorer table right-click menu buttonTo extend a

Must-have plugins for extending Twitter Bootstrap

Transferred from: http://tutorialzine.com/2013/07/50-must-have-plugins-for-extending-twitter-bootstrap/Must-have plugins for extending Twitter BootstrapMartin Angelov July 10th, 2013Certainly know about Twitter Bootstrap–the Popular Front end

Embeding Python & amp; Extending Python with FFPython

Introduction Ffpython is a C ++ lib, which is to simplify tasks that embed Python and extend Python. as the author, I am a developer for MMO server. mainly I use C ++ to implement part that needs to response user's requests in realtime, while other

Extending Linux hard disk space under VMware

There are many ways to extend a hard disk under Linux, before it is extended. Try to see which disks exist in your space and then expand them.If it is an extension, the disk symbol is the same as the existing symbol, such as SDA device, knowledge

Extending interfaces using extension methods in c#3.0

Some knowledge points about extension methods see my previous blog: extension methods in c#3.0 (Extension Methods) In my previous blog I highlighted two special scenarios: 1, the extension method and the original class method of the same time

Several instances of the extension method, such as extending basic types, interfaces, and using reflection to allow the extension method to use private members.

Several instances of the extension method, such as extending basic types, interfaces, and using reflection to allow the extension method to use private members. The. net extension method can expand many types, including basic data types, interfaces,

Tutorials for extending Python programs and Zope servers using the C language

There are several reasons why you might want to extend Zope with C. Most likely you have a ready-made C library that can help you do something, but you're not interested in converting it to Python. In addition, because Python is an explanatory

Android Bound Service (i)-----extending Binder Service (a simple example of in-process binding service)

Ref:http://developer.android.com/guide/components/bound-services.html?ObjectiveRe-learning this technology, the main reason, is because there was no good learning, then always feel that the work is active, can complete the work is good, and this

Reproduced WiFi has a dead angle? Skillfully extending coverage with old wireless routers

What's the matter, the WiFi at home has a dead angle? Wireless coverage for older wireless routers is not a force? now the price of high-power wireless products or dual-band wireless products is not cheap, and only one wireless router can not meet

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