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The existence of Wikipedia is a miracle

The existence of Wikipedia is a miracle In the past two years, the meaning of the word "feelings" may have been mutated in the hearts of the Chinese people, which is mostly attributed to some business structure in the marketing process for the once

The existence of Wikipedia is a miracle

The existence of Wikipedia is a miracleThese two years, " Feelings "The meaning of the two words may have been mutated in the hearts of the Chinese people, and this is mostly attributed to the hostage-taking of some business structures in the

Can Wikipedia become a development platform in the future?

Content growth in Wikipedia is slowing down, and the number of active editors that are already small is also declining. Jimmy Wales has called on editors to review more and more content, this further hinders content growth. However, the reduction of

Wikipedia Technical Architecture Study Notes

Wikipedia is a global multilingual encyclopedia collaboration program based on Wiki technology. It is also a network encyclopedia presented on the Internet, its purpose and purpose is to provide free encyclopedias for all mankind-a dynamic, free and

WikiPedia Technical Architecture learning and sharing (Introduction)

Wikipedia (WikiPedia.org) ranks eighth among the top 10 websites in the world. This is the power of openness. Point direct data: The peak value is 30 thousand "> HTTPRequest 3 GB per secondBitTraffic, almost375 MB 350 PCsServer (Data

Using the tulinux operating system to create a wikipedia Image

Article Title: UbuntuLinux operating system creates a wikipedia image. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

DotNetNuke common extension modules

DotNetNuke common extension modules Source Address: http://imfei.blog.51cto.com/1849649/471004 I have been using DNN for half a year. Although DNN is rarely used, I have to say that its design philosophy and architecture are superb, just like Joomla,

Stretching tree-Two forks search tree Extension 2

Directory Introduction to the Stretching tree c implementation of the stretching tree 1 node definition 2 rotation 3 Stretching the stretch of the tree 4 Search 4 insertion

White Noise white noise: chrome extension that helps you increase your attention

"White Noise" (Chinese name: White Noise) is a very interesting chrome extension. When it is enabled, your computer will not stop making noise, for some people, this noise can shield or cover the high-frequency noise in the surrounding environment,

The extension of PostgreSQL replication and BDR

In this chapter, you will be presented with a new technology to become a BDR. Two-way Replication (BDR), in the world of PostgreSQL, it is definitely a rising star. In the near future, many new things will be seen, and people can expect a thriving

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