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Ext js download and charging extjs practice (4) -- whether ext is charged or not (from extjs)

: Http://extjs.org.cn/download Extjs practice (4) -- whether ext is charged or free (from extjs) Many readers are interested in this question. In fact, Jack has written the answer in the http://www.extjs.com/license and made a detailed description of the authorization form of Ext. Ext has three types of authorization. (1) Free authorization

Extjs learning notes 4 toolbar and menu _ extjs

This article describes the commonly used and very simple tool bar and menu in desktop program development. However, it is not easy to implement the toolbar and menu in general web development, however, extjs allows us to develop web toolbar and menus using methods similar to desktop program development. The ToolBar is easy to use. The key is to add content to the ToolBar. By default, the ToolBar adds a Button, but you can actually add any component to

[Ext JS 4] The difference between the InitComponent and the constructor of ExtJS

?InitComponent and constructor are different from the contact1. InitComponent This method is called in the Ext.component Constructor (constructor), and only directly or indirectly inherits from the The Ext.component class will only invoke the InitComponent method in the constructor.Take a look at the ext.abstractcomponent source file Src/abstractcomponent.jsThe initcomponent is called in the constructor method2.1) callparent () must be called in the InitComponent function in the custom class, ot

Start extjs Journey: 4. Very useful development tools

4. Useful development tools "To do something better, you must first sharpen your tools." Good tools can always get twice the result with half the effort. This is especially true for software development. Especially for the interpreted execution script language like JavaScript, the development and Debugging Processes are very difficult and must be supported by powerful tools. In the development process, tools are most important to code editing and deb

MVC of extjs 4

) According to the official website, extjs 4.x is a greatly changed version, which has changed a lot and has many new features compared with 3.x, which has been widely used, MVC is one of its new features. Since I have been learning the MVC model (mainly using the yii framework) for the last six months, this term has aroused my strong interest, I have read the example of this framework MVC on the offic

ExtJS 4 MVC Architecture Explained

Large-scale client applications are often poorly implemented and poorly maintained, and because of the increasing functionality and manpower, the scale of these applications is quickly beyond control, and ExtJS 4 brings a new application architecture that not only organizes the code, but also reduces the content of the implementation.The new application architecture follows an MVC-like pattern in which mode

Study ExtJS 4.x

Before we start:1. All my knowledge comes from Internet and I'll try my best to present the reference link.2. I would be glad if u could join me with the same topic.3. I am Green hand, really.4. Never code for U, u code for urself. (I give u my pics never codes)Content:1. Start with a fine demo. -----2014/10/112.Now We Begin:1. A fine Demo with ExtJS.What is ExtJS?JavaScript Framework for building Rich Desk

[Ext JS 4] differences between initComponent and constructor in Extjs

each other 1. The initComponent method is called in the constructor of Ext. Component. Only classes that inherit directly or indirectly from Ext. Component can call the initComponent method in constructor. Let's take a look at the Ext. AbstractComponent source code file src/AbstractComponent. js InitComponent is called in the constructor method. 2. 1) callParent () must be called in the initComponent function of the custom class; otherwise, the caller Cannot initialize this object. 2) for ext

Java source ExtJS 5 Springmvc 4Hibernate 4 Common background Management development framework

Need source code, please add QQ:858-048-581First, the characteristics1, using spring MVC static load cache function, in the homepage will javascript files, CSS files and pictures and other static resource files loaded into memory, greatly improve the load speed of ExtJS.2, three skin themes: classic, Gray and Neptune, multi-browser and multi-resolution.3, the model layer, the control layer, the business logic layer and the data persistence layer of th

ExtJS 4 Components

The ExtJS 4 application interface is composed of a number of widgets called "Components ( Component )", all of which are Ext.Component subclasses, Ext.Component providing lifecycle management including initialization, rendering, size and size management, destruction, and so on, which makes all Ext.Component are automatically shared by the sub-classes. ExtJS provi

Extjs 4 Application Architecture Design

architecture has the following benefits: ■ Each application works in the same way, so you only need to learn it once. ■ It is easy to share code between applications because they work in the same way. ■ You can use the extjs generation tool to create an optimized release version for your application. When creating your application in extjs 4, consider the

ExtJS 4 Chart Custom axis scale

) ) { - return‘‘; the } - returnVal; - } - }, +Gridtrue -}However, there are two problems with this writing, one is that the label value that needs to be displayed does not necessarily appear in renderer, and even if the label is not displayed, the vertical grid line (which adjusts the grid density by the properties of the red part in the configuration code) still appears, which may not be what we want. Through the lookup source discovery, in t

Using ExtJS development MIS System (4): Polling

user's last activity time, and then returns the information that the user is currently logged in, or returns an error. The client resolves the login information. If the token is invalid, such as the user is locked or deleted by the administrator, and so on, the report login failure, jump login interface. otherwise do nothing. This makes it possible to: Any changes in user information will be reflected in a timely manner, such as when the user receives a new system short message, and the nex

ExtJS Class 4 System

The class system of the ExtJS 4 is a major refactoring, and the new architecture of EXTJS4 is built on this new class system, so it is necessary to understand the following class systemsThis article is divided into four chapters I: "Overview" explains the importance of robust class systems II: "Naming conventions" best naming convention practice (in fact, it is required to comply with its speci

ExtJS 4 Grids Detailed

Grid Panelis one of the most commonly used components of ExtJS, it is very versatile and provides a very convenient way to perform sorting, grouping, and editing data. Basic Grid Panel base table paneLet's create a simple table that has all the knowledge to create and run a table. Model and Store models and storageGrid PanelStorethe data in the presentation can be considered a collection of Store records, or a collection of model ( Model ) instances.

Grid of ExtJS 4 unrestricted scroll bar

Original: http://www.sencha.com/blog/infinite-grid-scrolling-in-ext-js-4/ Grid is a good way to display a large amount of tabular data in a Web browser. Basically, the Gridpanel of ExtJS 4 is an enhanced HTML table that makes it easy to get, sort, and filter data, and is unlimited in number. In version 4, we reconstruc

EXTJS 4 tree table component example

EXTJS 4 tree table component example EXTJS 4 tree table component example I. Overall Ii. Instructions and 2.1 program code and description:2.1.1. Table store Code Description // Enable the tooltip tool Ext. quickTips. init (); // define model Ext. define ('partmodel', {extend: 'ext. data. model ', fields: [{na

ExtJS 4 Form

) {Ext.Msg.alert (' failure ', ' Fa iled to save user. ') } }); } else {//Display Error alert If the data is invalid ext.msG.alert (' Invalid Data ', ' please correct form errors. ') } } } ]});Layouts form LayoutExtJS the size and position of the application Layout management component, Form Panel you can apply any Container Layout , see For example, you can apply a layout by visiting form fields Sideways HBox :Ext.cre

ExtJS 4 Ext.Ajax.request Submission Implementation Waitmsg wait for prompt effect

New Ext.loadmask (Ext.getbody (), {msg: "Please wait, you are importing ..." }); Mymask.show (); Ext.Ajax.request ({url:"uploadaction", Method:"POST", params:{Id:id}, Success:function () { if (Mymask! = undefined) {mymask.hide ();} Ext.Msg.alert ("message", "File Import succeeded!") ); }, Failure:function () {if (mymask! = undefined) {mymask.hide ();} Ext.Msg.alert ("message", "File import failed!")ExtJS 4

ExtJS 4 Tree Table component Use example

ExtJS 4 Tree Table component Use example first, the whole second, the use of instructions and2.1. Program code and Description:Code description for 2.1.1, table storage sectionTurn on the ToolTip tool Ext.QuickTips.init (); Define Model ext.define (' Partmodel ', { extend: ' Ext.data.Model ', fields : [ {name: ' PartNo ', type: ' String '},

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