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What file is the cab?

As a very common compressed file format, we see a lot of cab files in our lives, so do you really understand the CAB file?   What file is the cab? The CAB is a compressed format for W

Create a signed cab file for the MFC and ATL controls

Create a signed cab file for the MFC and ATL controls If you plan to sell the MFC control and ATL control over the Internet, you should package it into a signed small (Cabinet-cab) file. Sign the file to ensure that the source code is safe when the user downloads your contro

Expand decompress the cab file

Windows: Expand detailed explanation ---- post 2007-06-1713: 362007-05-15 09: 43 expand extracts files from compressed files. You can use this command to extract driver files from A. cab file or compressed file. The expand command containing the following parameters is only available when the fault recovery console is

Cab file introduction and Production Method

From: http://bbs.pcpop.com/091030/5945399.html 1. What is a cab file? Cab is a type of compressed file on a computer. It is a Microsoft product. It can be decompressed with WinRAR and some cab compressed files can be seen in the DOS boot disk. In fact, the

Deployment in Visual Studio-cab file project

ArticleDirectory Walkthrough: Create a cab file Cab File Project-deployment in Visual Studio Cab File Project Http://technet.microsoft.com/zh-cn/windows/fwb783c5) You can create a.

Create a cab file

containing the source file. On the command line, sort the source files in the order they appear in INF and put the INF file at the end. For example, to generate the CAB file of the Polygon control from the above INF file, use the following command: C:\MSSDK\BIN\CABARC -s 6

Create and install a cab file on Windows Mobile

Create a cab file, shortcuts, and Chinese characters: Http://www.haogongju.net/art/1038843 How to install MSIProgramDeploy multiple. Cab installation packages on Windows Mobile devices. Deploying. NET Compact Framework 2.0 applications with. Cab And. MSI filesDeveloping and deploying Pocket PC setup applicatio

Use makecab.exe to create a cab file

Makecab.exe is a tool that is included in Windows 2000 or later. To use makecab.exe to create a. cab file, perform the following steps: Create a targeted file for makecab.exe and save the file with the. DDF extension. The following sample targeting file (named sample. DDF)

Summary of ActiveX controls for web-based cab file Packaging

I,ProgramDescription:Program environment: Windows XP SP2, ie 6, Tomcat 5.5, VC ++ 6.0 Program process: the control is made into an ocx file for the client to call local hardware, which is useful to several third-party. DLL files. Windowsself-carried iexpress.exe is packaged into a cab file, and controls are called on the JSP page of the server side. The

An error occurred in the 'Add scheme' deployment step: "The cab file in the solution failed to be extracted"

Copy a common ASP. Net Site Project to a Sharepoint project. If the generation is successful, an error is reported during deployment: An error occurred in the 'Add scheme' deployment step: "unable to extract the cab file in the solution" After investigation, the cause is that there is an additional dot between the file

Create and install the wince6.0 cab file

1. wince_cab_manager3.0 production wizard Run this software. Application Information dialog box: Figure 1 After entering the company name and program name, next: Figure 2 Select the supported devices as needed. Next step: Figure 3 Select the processor type required to install the cab file. Generally, select all/CEF. Next: Figure 4 After the Wizard is completed, the last step is to tell the basic

Compile the INF file when the ActiveX control is packaging the cab

Although Microsoft does not trust ActiveX more and more, many people prefer this technology. The editor of this blog seems to have used ActiveX. After the OCX control is compiled, it can only be released after it is packaged into a cab file and added with a digital signature. If you are using vc6, the problem is simple, after packaging, you do not need to consider the control Runtime Library. The current XP

Digitally sign the cab file

Digitally sign the cab fileIn the legend, after a digital signature is signed, you can manually download it without prompting you, so try again:There are three gadgets in the middle of \ Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2003 \ SDK \ V1.1 \ bin to use them for digital signature.1.makecert.exe --- certificate creation tool2.cert2spc.exe --- issuer certificate retry Tool3.signcode.exe --- file signature ToolSteps:

How to use the program to run the cab Installation File

Recently, many people have been asked about this item, which may be used for dynamic software upgrades. Here we will record it. There are two methods. One is to run the corresponding cab file directly through shellexecuteex. One is to call CreateProcess and use wceload to call this cab. You can use either method. The following code is written in the test program:

The necessary installation file sku001 could not be found. CAB

After the installation of the office2003 upgrade patch failed last week, the installation file will be found every time you open Excel, and the necessary installation file sku001 cannot be found. CAB "prompt. Search the Internet for a moment, found that the following method is feasible to modify the registry, the following detailed it out, I hope to have this tro

Solve the Problem of file with the same name in the CAB installation package

Problem description: I found a problem when creating the installation package today. My source file contains files of the same name (although not in the same directory),. INF does not seem to be distinguished by directories, resulting in the generation. in the cab file, all files with the same name are converted into the same

Digitally sign a CAB file

Digitally sign a CAB fileThe legendary digital signature can be downloaded without prompting, so try it:There are three gadgets in the middle of \microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2003\sdk\v1.1\bin that you can use to implement digital signatures.1. Makecert.exe---Certificate Creation tool2. Cert2Spc.exe---Issuer Certificate testing tool3. Signcode.exe---File Signing toolSteps:1) makecert-ss name-n "cn= company

Installation of Office CAB file corruption resolution

Due to the reinstallation of the system, the installed system comes with Office files, but not enough. Just want to re-install a version 2010 or 2013 version of Office, but two versions installed, during the installation process is installed in the middle of a damaged CAB file, installation failed, After searching the internet, we found two methods:The first method:regedit, [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE], [software],

Python uses the MySQLdb module times can ' t extract file (s) to egg cachethe following error occurred while trying to extract file (s) to the The Python eggcache error.

Tags: OS uses file data on C Linux database sqlThis is because Python uses the MYSQLDB module to interact with the MySQL database with a place to place the staged data as the cache, But the user who invokes the Python interpreter (often a server such as the Apache WWW user) has no access to the location that the cache points to.There are many ways to solve this problem.Create a folder and give the folder the permissions of the user W (not sure which u

Java Extract zip-extract multiple file or folder instances _java

Java extract zip-Multiple files (including folders), as follows: Compress multiple files and folders to extract complex file directories. The compression method uses a variable parameter that compresses 1 to many files ... Can write an array of ways or write to the parameter list ... Zipfiles (Zip, "abc", New File

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