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Classic Tutorial: How to build a trusted head model Source: long time CG

them as much as possible. They are the main source of facial expressions. How the facial muscles work:We can imagine a foam lying on the desktop with a thick rubber sheet. When we pull up a part of it, the surface will become wrinkles. Image 8 Therefore, we say that the basis for topology formation is the facial muscles, which require us to have a good understanding of the muscles and facial anatomy. However, the model we make cannot be completely authentic. If we try to make each muscle an

Painter to draw the character illustration course in the martial arts story

painting. Digital spray gun is suitable for a wide range of soft, not suitable for painting details, we can according to their own picture requirements to try more. Eyelashes, highlights, reflective are important details of the eye, the time to draw patience. A friend reflected that the board painting when the details are always bad, in fact, this is related to the pressure of the board. I have just started to use 512 pressure sense of the board, and

Illustrator design Vector style fashion illustration rendering tutorial

To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the design vector style fashion illustration of the drawing tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: I. Selection of software, preparation of sketches As the drawing of the style of the illustration is relatively simple, most of the color of the large surface, graphics edge is clearer, so decided to use the vector software. Here I choose Illustrator 10 (hereinafter referred to as AI), reasons: preconceived, oper

Illustrator images of female ghosts to share

To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis of the image of the female ghost to share the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Final effect Layers best refer to the original author scheme, eliminating subsequent hassles 1. Outline the overall image Step1 First sketch out a schematic with a pencil, and we'll add the details later. Step2 Create a new 600*800px

How to brush eye eyelashes vividly and naturally

Are you still frustrated with your sparse and short eyelashes? Do I have to envy the long and charming eyes of an advertisement star? It teaches you how to use mascara to brush out electric eyelashes, so that you can easily create a pair of talking eyes. · Paint your eyelashes with honey before using mascara to increase the thickening of your

Painter to make realistic figure effect drawing tutorial

account the pupil's perspective (round), in the white that similar to the long square high light area, using a fan-shaped painting 19th Step The left eye color is brown, the school color, a little red, continue to adjust the symmetry of the eyes. 20th step, eye lashes We've been using the airbrush, the pencil, the Smudge tool, where we try to paint the lashes with a fork brush, with a pencil can also be painted, since there are brushes with brush, slow

PS hand-painted blonde bone feeling beauty

Start PhotoshopCS2 First, create a new canvas that's enough for us to draw, OK, and start painting. New sketch layer In this layer, we draw the sketches of the characters. I used the brush tool to select red to draw. The importance of drawing sketches I have said many times, although I have a lot of time to grasp is not very accurate, but this is a process of gradual progress. Sketch should be as far as pos

Use Photoshop mouse painting to make super lifelike portrait eye effects

, eyelashes and eyebrows. It's easy to draw a recognizable eye, like the following picture: The top to bottom elements in the figure are listed below: 1. Eyebrows: It protects your eyes from the sweat of dust and forehead 2. Eyelid fold: When the eyes open to fold on the eyeball, eyeball up and down there 3. Orbital: The skin is divided in Split, due to the role of the eyeball, showing an oval shape 4. Eyelash: Protects the eye from t

[Novel serialization] Zhang Xiaoqing, on the road (5)-First Project

million, there is no need for so many developers. Zhang Xiaoqing said, if it is your core system, you should first develop it yourself. Bill smiled and said, "No, it's not. The key lies in what kind of system we need. This system is not complicated, and the technology is very simple. Therefore, we are right to develop it ourselves. Zhang Xiaoqing said, I think, if the system is the company's core system, if the system requires a lot of customized development, if the system requires less time

Painter to draw realistic character effects tutorial

a fork brush to draw eyelashes, with a pencil can also be painted, 浠 without brush with a brush, slowly to infiltration regiment? Class brush Properties, PT Brush very little, a bo door to the Mei, then slowly to grasp the characteristics of its own. Brush to set, the picture is in the lower left corner of the farm tools are hidden outside. Close the lashes on both sides of the answer: 1, Besmear Boingo, the root of the eye

PS God teaches you the mouse painted very delicate beautiful eyes

magical! The iris shrinks or expands to regulate the intensity of light entering the pupil. 7. Pupil: The black hole in the middle, we see things through this hole, the light enters this black hole, forms the image inside our eyeball. 8. Lacrimal gland: Located inside two eyes, the source of tears, color bias powder. 9. Lacrimal gland skin pleat: Located inside the lacrimal gland. 2, different eye shape The eye sketch above is a typi

Tencent lecture hall-lean Design

concepts, it is not easy to describe concrete things. This is exactly the case. In the communication process, designers should return to the image if they want to express their intentions in a specific way. The best way to describe an image is to draw a sketch. The role of a sketch is different from that of a formal design draft. The purpose of using a sketch

Use Photoshop to give black and white portrait with extremely smooth glaze porcelain skin

Original Final effect 1, open the material picture, the background layer to copy a layer.This step to eliminate eyebrows and eyelashes. Select the Clone Stamp tool to remove eyebrows and eyelashes, it's a little tricky. But you have to be careful, do not damage the edge area, I spent 15 minutes here, look at the production

PS make alternative glaze porcelain skin head

Although the effect of the picture is not very practical, but there is a strong artistic effect. General process: The first simple to the characters, skin treatment, and then use chrome yellow filter to make skin texture, later appropriate landscaping details can be. Final effect Original First, open the material picture, the background layer to copy a layer. This step to eliminate eyebrows and eyelashes. Select the Clone

Photoshop hand-painted sexy blonde woman tutorial

First, preparatory work First you need a computer, the configuration does not need to be too high, can smooth running Photoshop OK; second, the computer to install Adobe Photoshop, the exact number of versions do not matter, because as a painting to use 5.0 or 9.0 not much difference, but the configuration allows the author recommended 9.0 ( CS2); The last need is a digital board, the author is using Wacom extraordinary F430, more outdated models, but enough. OK, if you're ready for the above t

Photoshop gives black and white portrait with extremely smooth glaze porcelain skin

Although the effect of the picture is not very practical, but there is a strong artistic effect. General process: The first simple to the characters, skin treatment, and then use chrome yellow filter to make skin texture, later appropriate landscaping details can be. Original   The final effect of the Photoshop tutorial 1, open the material picture, the background layer to copy a layer. This step to eliminate eyebrows and eyelashe

Photoshop hands over painting Tutorial: pure mm Photo effect

Photoshop hands over painting tutorials, pure mm photo effect. Original: Two different colors of the picture: To sharpen the skin of a character with a fuzzy tool 2, on the character skin to apply a layer of color close to the skin tone, and the layer opacity to 10-20%. 3, with the average color of the brush, pay attention to the contrast of the facial features (because after the double eyelid has eyelashes to repaint, so by th

PS Tutorial: Beautiful women become old women

of loved ones who want to be aging, but it will also be a great help to our production process, and I'll try to find a photo of Katie Mom on the Internet, This brings me a lot of useful information, for example, I decided to give her a double chin on the effect of Katie getting old.    3, now we begin to appreciate the magic of Photoshop, Wahaha ~ ~ ~ As we all know, the old man's hair will become sparse, the color will be dimmed, so we apply the "Clone Stamp Tool", the skin part of the

Have you finished your mascara brush?

Many girls have relatively short and fine eyelashes. When applying mascara to their eyelashes, they will easily dye them evenly on their eyelids and become a national treasure. If you want to have clearly rooted lower eyelashes, you can choose small-sized mascara and apply some makeup tips to make your lower eyelashes

Painter copy Photo portrait sketch Effect tutorial

To give you painter software users to detailed analysis to share a copy of photos painted portrait sketch effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 2. I began to use a carbon pen to deeply depict the shape. This painting uses a lot of carbon pens, and the above is the difference between some tools. It makes people aware of the different effects of different tools. 3. Carbon pen combined with pen painting big

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