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Photoshop converts a photo into a pencil sketch post-processing tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis to share the picture into pencil sketch portrait effect of post-processing tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Contrast chart Open the material file in Photoshop. A solid color background, good lighting and focus of the photos are better suited to achieve the best results. Step 1 Reverse Phase Drag the background layer to the new Layer button

Using filters and brushes to turn characters into grey sketch effects

The tutorial used a little bit like the previous tutorial, but there are some differences. Before processing, the author uses color and pattern overlay to make some textures, and then uses filter and layer overlay to make preliminary sketch effect, and then use the set brush to paint some lines on the mask to increase the sketch. Original Final effect 1. Open the photo you se

25 Lightweight and practical sketch plug-in Dahe set

Sketch is definitely the most popular design tool in addition to PS and Ai on Mac platform, it is updated quickly, full-featured, and very fit for the current needs of UI design, the most important thing is that Sketch small and flexible, but also has a very strong scalability. Sketch's excellent place is to expand from its scalability, surrounded by not only a large number of designers, there is an active

Illustrator the sketch into a vector icon for a specific tutorial to share

To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the sketch to convert the vector icon to the specific tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: This tutorial case we use the Spartan helmet as shown above! First, follow the sketch Open AI, create new files, File > Place to find sketches, and put sketches on canvas. Reduce the opacity of the

Why is the sketch preset canvas size smaller than the true resolution?

Why is the size of the artboard preset in sketch smaller than the true resolution? This question has been asked by hundreds of beginners, every time it is difficult to explain, but static electricity is jiabuzhu two or three times a day even more people ask the same question. So, in this article, let's take a good look at why the pre-built artboards are so small.   For a reason, sketch wrong? There are to

New station SEO How to do site layout sketch

Today to tell you about the new station SEO how to do the site layout sketch. As SEO more and more popular, SEO process encountered more and more problems. For example, the ranking does not go, ranking decline, included poor, jump out of high rate, low conversion rate. believe that in addition to a small number of public sites and a small part out of the hobby to do out of the site, more than 80% of the site is still profit for the purpose. So, is our

Image Filter art --- Sketch Filter, sketchfilter

Image Filter art --- Sketch Filter, sketchfilter (Sketch Filter) Sketch FilterThe implementation method of the sketch filter is relatively simple. Here we directly write the algorithm process as follows:1. Run the de-color command on the source image S to obtain grayscale image;2. reversed A to obtain image B;

Photoshop tutorial on making pencil sketch effects with filters

For users of Photoshop software, let's say a tutorial on making pencil sketches with filters. Tutorial Sharing: Final effect: One, the picture source Step 01 From the selection of the source of the picture, to make the sketch effect of the character picture is best white clean background, the picture of the light can not be too dim, the whole picture has a focus, in line with the basic art composit

Beauty Mito A quick change of pictures. A tutorial on the effect of Figure sketch Painting

To the U.S. Mito software users to detailed analysis to share the photo quickly change the character sketch effect of the processing of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: First, let's take a look at the contrast diagram: Here are a few simple steps to follow: Under the software to open the photos to be processed, under the "Beautification" menu to choose 100% "base-sharpening" special effects, and then select 50% "Sharpening" specia

Learning the drawing must see--Sketch basic knowledge

Basic factors of modelling 1. The point, line and surface of the form The objects we depict are three-dimensional, and the most basic form is the cube, the sphere, the cylinder and the vertebral body. Sketch sketch can start from these four types of bodies, to study the relationship between the basic factors of subject formation and the shape of body. Point point of position, is the shape of the mark, fo

Sketch actors are a true marketing guru

Label: style blog HTTP ar SP 2014 problem log BSSince Zhao Benshan of China's Spring Festival Gala and so on, some sketch actors have entered the gala, and many people have participated in and developed the essay industry, it has brought a lot of joy to many Chinese people. I also remember that the first time I remember the fragment program of the Spring Festival Gala every year, and I look forward to the actors who will show their skills, but have yo

Paper sketch-based 3D Model Retrieval by Viewpoint entropy-based Adaptive View Clustering

Title: 3D model Retrieval with adjustable view clustering based on viewpoint entropyBo Li,yijuan Lu,henry JohanAbstract: Searching for 3D models based on freehand sketches is intuitive and important for many applications, such as sketching-based 3D modeling and recognition. We propose a sketch-based 3D model retrieval by using the adjustable view clustering and shape content matching based on the viewpoint entropy. Different models consist of differen

CCTV Spring Festival Gala new project list exposed dialect sketch "phishing" won

Letter News (reporter Zhang Xuejun) has entered the countdown to the Spring Festival Gala yesterday to continue the fifth round of rehearsals, and the only dialect sketch "phishing" selected for the gala program did not appear again, it became the fourth program that was cut out from the gala program following the song "luhua", magic "Magic Table", and Song and Dance combination "Hyun dance passion. In addition, after Zhao Benshan's "planning" debut i

App Design Sketch Tutorials (04)-Pens and paths

App Design Sketch Tutorials (04)-Pens and pathsSketch is a vector software, lift the vector software, then we will certainly think of various paths, think of the path, there are nodes, think of the node, there is a Bezier curve, and then there will be something is a pen. To the pen, for many people, this must be a not very happy memories, pen is the drawing software is difficult to master one of the tools. If it is not good, we can not draw a variety

App interface design tool sketch collection of selected cases

The 1th chapter of the course IntroductionMain introduction to the course arrangement and what you will learn about the use of skills1-1 Course IntroductionThe 2nd Chapter sketch examples and related toolsIn this lesson you will learn the use of pen tools, gradient and fill, projection, experience and observe the actual objects of light and light and material, fuzzy tools, grid tools, the application of auxiliary lines, the interface layout and compos

How to create a semi-sketch using Photoshop

We will give you a detailed analysis of the Photoshop software and share with you the tutorials on creating the semi-sketch effect.Tutorial sharing:[1] first open the face layer of the task in PSPress Ctrl + J to copy the layer and name it ONE.[2] Black and White processing of ONE layerThe following results are displayed:Convert ONE layer to smart object[3] select ONE layer to call the filter LibraryThen select the following filter values and adjust t

User Experience Design Sketch-correct design and correct design

Sketching user experience-getting the design right andRight Design (User experience design sketch) -- By Chen Zihe I read it in one breath. I must like it first. This book is very skillful. Each argument starts with a variety of interesting and uncommon examples, which are fascinating. A large number of pictures are interspersed, and the explanations are very detailed and easy to understand. The chapter arrangement is very careful, every time I

Beauty Mito the picture into a sketch effect tutorial

To the U.S. Mito software users to the detailed analysis to share the picture into the sketch effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, in the "Beauty Mito" software to open the photos to be processed, into the "Landscaping" menu, select the "Base" category, click on "Sharpening" special effects, so as to improve the clarity of the photo! 2, continue under the "Beautification" menu, select the "Art" category, the use of transparen

Using filters to quickly convert a person's photo into a sketch portrait

Today we're going to share a way to quickly change pictures with PS, and a few simple steps to turn a character photo into a sketch portrait. The principle behind it is to use the filter effect, imitate the pencil sketch line and shadow, can also have the characteristics of sketch works, but also by virtue of PS to make the work more exquisite. Try it together.

Knowledge summary of sketch design UI

Although the programmer itself does not need to focus on the design, but when we develop some gadgets ourselves, inevitably because the UI is too ugly, and then the product itself is compromised. Of course, if you have a good relationship with a sister who is designing a company, it's a meal. But for those who are not qualified or shy, their design is kingly. Every time ask design sister, how can learn to design, she always wind light cloud light to tell you to use Photoshop can, but in the end

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