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Use opencv to capture USB cameras and write Video Files

For video monitoring users, writing video files is almost a required step. Here, I will give an example of video file writing. First, use opencv to capture the video from a USB camera, and then write the

Use FFmpeg to implement video transcoding and video capture in the Java Web

Reprinted from: [Http://www.cnblogs.com/dennisit/archive/2013/02/16/2913287.html]The video website provides the online video playback function, plays the FLV format file, it is the Flash animation file, can play the file through the Flash production player. The player.swf player that is produced in the project.The Multimedia video processing tool FFmpeg has the v

Use opencv to capture videos from USB cameras

USB cameras are cheap and easy to use, while opencv also contains API functions for reading USB camera video data. In Windows XP, this API function is implemented using the Windows VFW module. Below, I will give Reference code: # Include "stdafx. H"# Include "cv. H"# Include "highgui. H"# Include "iostream"Using namespace STD; Int main (INT argc, char * argv [])

JMF capture USB camera

// Package com. redtroy; Import javax. Media. player;Import javax. Media. capturedeviceinfo;Import javax. Media. medialocator;Import javax. Swing .*;Import java. AWT .*;Import java. AWT. image .*;Import java. AWT. event .*;Import javax. Media. Control. framegrabbingcontrol;Import javax. Media. buffer;Import javax. Media. util. buffertoimage;Import javax. Media. format. videoformat;Import java. Io .*;Import com.sun.image.codec.jpeg .*;Import javax. Media. capturedevicemanager;Import javax. Media.

Glossary related to video capture

1. SDL (similar to DirectX) SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) is an open-source cross-platform multimedia development library written in C language. SDL provides several functions for controlling images, sounds, and outputs, developers can use the same or similar code to develop applications across multiple platforms (such as Linux, windows, and Mac OS X. Currently, SDL is mostly used for developing multimedia applications such as games, simulators, and media players. Http://baike.baidu.com/view/83

The new computer camera video capture does not function correctly how to do?

recently a friend assembled a new computer, but when I opened the "video device" in My computer, there was "no video capture hardware video capture does not function correctly" hint, unable to open the camera, nature will not be able to

JMF capture Audio and video (ii)

, for pipe Video compression/decompression compiler (CODEC) ACM Audio Compression Manager, provides services similar to ICM, for waveform audio 6.2 The relationship between JMF and VFW: Note the following code: String str1 = "vfw:Logitech USB Video Camera:0"; String str2 = "vfw:Microsoft WDM Image

USB2.0 High-speed video capture 68013A Register configuration instructions

FPGA signal, by assign USB_WR = I2c_config_done Cmos_href Usb_trigger; it is known that USB allows data to be written when pd5=1.• When Frame_cnt%2==0, write FIFO in 15FPS;• When the condition frame_cnt%2==0 is met, the Pd5=1, which allows write FIFO, is not satisfied, pd5=0, the write FIFO is forbidden.• Resets the FIFO 2 each time the write FIFO is blocked. So that the FIFO 2 data is empty so that there is no FIFO full state. This prevents data l

OPENCV Learning-read a USB camera or video and save it as a frame

read the USB camera and save by frame Description1. After running, press "s" in the "USB Video" window to start saving the image by frame, and press "Q" to finish.2. The device number is set according to the actual situation, my Computer default camera is 0,USB camera is 3.3. Since the

Kinect 3D video capture

ProgramSource code: Http://idav.ucdavis.edu /~Okreylos/resdev/Kinect/Download.html To run this program, you need to installVrui Toolkit, For http://idav.ucdavis.edu /~ Okreylos/resdev/vrui/download.html Kinect2.2 requirements Vrui-2.4-001 and above. Install vruitoolkit 1. install necessary tools first. Sudo aptitude update Sudo aptitude install build-essential Sudo aptitude install zlib1g-dev Mesa-common-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev 2. install some optional Librarie

Based on OpenCV in webcam ubuntu based on video capture

exportPKG_CONFIG_PATH sudo reboot restart your computerNote: Be sure to pre-install v4l and so on library, or compile can be over, the execution of the time without pictures.3 Test CodeCompileg++ cameraCaptrue.cpp- o cameracap ' pkg-config--libs--cflags OpenCV 'Generate File CameracapPerform a collection success./cameracapCameraCaptrue.cpp#include Then transplant to Zedboard.References:Http://www.cnblogs.com/liu-jun/archive/2013/12/24/3489675.htmlhttp://xuxd32.blog.163.com/blo

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