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Font awesome-a style of hanging sky icon Plug-in Chinese full introduction _font

This is a plugin is not required to introduce a picture only a font file can make very many beautiful icon plug-ins, and these icons are vector, can be infinitely magnified, and can change the color, fort ...Note that to look at the content must use

CSS3 a very nice sliding switch effect

The social symbols used here refer to a CSS file The code is as follows Copy Code /* FONT PATH* -------------------------- */@font-face {font-family: ' Fontawesome ';Src:url ('.. /fonts/fontawesome-webfont.eot?v=4.0.3 ');

Font awesome icon fonts app and related

As a web developer, it is inevitable to use small icons often to add a bit of vitality and diversity to your web. Like these:and the font awesome just gives us these. So far, Font Awesome has provided more than 500 scalable vector icons and can make

CSS3 ways to use the Font awesome fonts icon in an HTML page

One, what is the font icon (1) Now more popular use font icon, the so-called font icon is actually a font library containing many icons. Like our common fonts, this can be understood as a special font, except that it contains icons.(2) since it is

How to use the font-awesome icon for WeChat applets

Download font-awesome pack open Transfonter website, upload the font fontawesome-webfont.ttf (other theoretical file formats can also be converted, did not try), select base64 encoding, convert after...

Font icon creation, font icon

Font icon creation, font icon Why do I need a font icon on the web end? Good performance. In the previous project, the web page icons were used as images. when there were many icons, the size was relatively large. In addition, I have worked on the

Use font awesome to replace your website icon (icons icon)

http://www.thinkcmf.com/font/icons/The first time using the Font Awesome found quite cool! Its icons are full and can help you save time looking for pictures. Let's study together below:1: Go to the official website to download the decompression

Detailed description on development of the jQuery image viewing plug-in Magnify

Detailed description on development of the jQuery image viewing plug-in Magnify Due to some special business requirements, after more than a month of waiting and thinking, I developed the jQuery Image Viewer plug-in Magnify, which implements all

[Mobile Angular UI] Font awesome icon in Maui

Maui with the font awesome replaced Glyphicon, but there are all the available icons in FA, in the online search of a font awesome the comparison table, use Remember to replace the icon-xxx in fa-xxx it is possible.In addition, in Maui, 7 levels of

Bootstrap online e-commerce website actual combat project 5_javascript skills

After you've built your company's Web site, you can then consider designing an online store. The design of this chapter is based on a new page with the following elements added: -a product grid containing small drawings, headings, and descriptions

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