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Forrester Research Report: Information fabric--Enterprise Data Virtualization (part IV, digest translation)

Key Benefits of Information FabricKey Benefits of Information fabricInformation fabric offers several key benefits, including:Information fabric can bring a lot of benefits, including:Enabling real-time data sharing and quality. Support for high

Research on MySQL database middleware

With the development of the Internet, the volume of data is increasing. A single instance is far from being able to meet the needs of the business. The increasing demand for database sub-list is the development of database middleware.One, a single

Mysqlfabric pressure test

We know that fabric middleware can realize the functions of automatic switch of HA fault, horizontal partition, read and write load, etc. No additional agents to install, easy to use. Is there a performance bottleneck in the fabric itself?So, next

Block Chain Maturity evaluation Report (4)--maintainability, compatibility comparison, summary _ block chain

maintainability Comparison The maintainability of block chain mainly examines five aspects, such as imprinting management, System management, strategy management, intelligent contract, and ease of deployment. (i) Emergency Management: commercial

Blockchain Maturity evaluation Report (4)-maintainability, compatibility comparison, summary __ Blockchain

maintainability Comparison The maintainability of blockchain mainly examines the five aspects of imprint management, System Management, policy management, intelligent contract and easy deployment. (i) Emergency Management: Commercial blockchain a

MySQL's official HA middleware

MySQL's official HA middlewareHttp://www.mysql.com/products/enterprise/fabric.htmlMySQL Fabric is a extensible framework for managing farms of MySQL Servers. The features has been Implemented-high availability (HA) and scaling out using data

CENTOS7 installation mysql5.7 and configuration

One, the different versions of Mysql:1. MySQL Community Server Community version, open source free, but does not provide official technical support.2, MySQL Enterprise Edition Business version, pay, you can try 30 days.3, MySQL Cluster cluster

A summary of high availability scenarios for Mysql databases _mysql

High-availability architectures are basically standard for Internet services, both application services and database services need to be highly available. Although the Internet service is called 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted service, but there are some

Key steps and technical difficulties of the level-divided-Library-table

In the previous article, I introduced several forms of the classification of the library and play, but also focused on the vertical library brought about by the problems and solutions. In this article, we will continue to talk about some of the

Mcollective architecture 2-mcollective + MQ architecture deployment

Zero-basic learning puppet automated configuration management documents1 mcollective Introduction Mcollective is a framework for server orchestration and parallel execution systems. First, mcollective is a system management solution that provides

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