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Block chain Hyperledger fabric environment to build CENTOS7 Docker environment

Operating Environment CENTOS7 64-bit 1. CentOS Docker Installation Yum-y Install Docker-io 2. Start Docker Service Start: Service Docker start Boot from: Chkconfig Docker on View Docker versions: Docker version 3. Installation container

Fabric Source Analysis-consensus module __fabric

Just these days to have a need to help customers magic change fabric-v0.6, put some hyperchain advanced characteristics of the past, take this opportunity to read before the source in the comb.The following is the fabric Consensus module source

Installing Hyperledger Fabric on the Ubuntu development environment

Blockchain is a popular technology nowadays, where IBM Hyperledger (open source) is the leader in the alliance chain. IBM has the relevant courses. The following is the entire process of building hyperledger fabric in your own Ubuntu development

Write the blockchain smart contract chain code for Hyperledger Fabric (Super Ledger) in Java

Write the first Java chain code programIn the previous section, you are already familiar with how to build, run, deploy, and invoke chain code, but have not yet written any Java code.In this section, you will use the Eclipse IDE, a Gradle plug-in

Why virtualenv, Fabric and Pip are the three great artifacts of pythoneer?

Reply content:These three are very handy for Python project deployment. 1. Virtualenv is used to create a virtual Python environment, a project-specific Python environment. It is very useful to use virtualenv to keep a clean environment. 2. Pip is

Fabric-sdk-java source MAVEN Project Environment build

1. Download the source code through git Https://github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-java 2. Extract and import into Eclipse Attention to environmental needs: Jdk1.8,eclipse try to use the latest version If you import, there is a bomb box error: Failed

Blockchain Technology Series (ii)-Fabric Architecture Introduction

Fabric is made up of the core components described in the following section. 2.1 Architecture This architecture reference focuses on three categories: Members (membership), Blockchain (Blockchan), and chain codes (Chaincode). These categories are

Hyperledger/fabric Sdk-java Compilation

Fabric-sdk-java build and compile (this article is based on 1.0.1 version) 1, install jdk1.8 and above version 2, download Fabric-sdk-java GitHub address: Https://github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-java 3. Import into Eclipse tools 4, switch to

Hyperledger Fabric PBFT Algorithm--A brief analysis __ algorithm

What has been harvested and what has been done is an important issue.This article is only to learn to exchange information, personal summary. A brief analysis of Hyperledger fabric PBFT algorithm Architecture Fabric Consensus algorithm code is all

PBFT source analysis of Hyperledger fabric (i)

I. Overview of the principles of PBFT 1. Algorithm formula: The replicacount int variable is defined in the Pbftcore struct bodyN (n corresponds to the replicacount integer variable in the code) is a collection of all replicas, each replica

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