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The Linux version of the free face recognition technology.

Tags: Linux Rainbow Soft recently launched the free Linux version of the Face Recognition SDK engine, which after its release of the free version of Windows, Android, iOS, a very commercial value for small and medium-sized enterprise version, as the ideal server OS, The release of Linux has undoubtedly become the innovation and expansion of the se

Realization of face recognition and identification according to face++

Recently developed, someone face recognition, and identity scan function Log in to this GitHub address to download the corresponding SDK package Https://github.com/FacePlusPlus Or go to the official website to download; Based on the documentation, import into the Android studio and then configure the problem, 1: If the introduction of their own projects, must b

[Ios]ios Speech recognition

Reference: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_923fdd9b0101flx1.htmlRealization of speech recognition via Google Voice interfaceRecently there are features in the project that need to implement speech recognition. Toss a few days to do well. At the beginning of the time do not have a clue, the information found on the internet is a mess, or is very ancient implementation methods, some simple code snippets. So I

The source code of the core components of the iPhone operating system has been leaked recently. Hundreds of millions of iOS devices may face security threats !, IPhone IOS

The source code of the core components of the iPhone operating system has been leaked recently. Hundreds of millions of iOS devices may face security threats !, IPhone IOS Recently, the source code of the core components of the iPhone operating system has been leaked. This message is from the discovery that the iBoot source code of

IOS fingerprint recognition

Today's project uses fingerprint recognition, but the single fingerprint recognition technology is not complex to implement, but it needs to refresh the UI after the validation is successful here I jumped into a hole??????. because fingerprint verification is also done on a child threadEither to wait for a long time, or to report a mess of mistakes, I was drunk to see#import "ViewController.h"Local authenti

Two-dimensional Code and album recognition in iOS generated QR code

{nsstring *content = @ ""; avmetadatamachinereadablecodeobject *metadataobject = Metadataobjects.firstObject ; Content = Metadataobject.stringvalue; Gets the information string in the QR code //This string (sound, url analysis, page jump, etc.)} We can also add sound and vibration effects after a successful sweep to improve the user experience- (void)playBeep{ SystemSoundID soundID; AudioServicesCreateSystemSoundID((__bridge CFURLRef)[NSURL fileURLWithPath:[[NSBundle mainBundle] pathF

Swift language falls from the sky, as the iOS program ape, if we face?

company has a process to develop entirely with Swift, the developer wants to get into iOS, and in addition to learning object-c, there is no choice but to learn swift in order to keep up with Apple's pace. Of course, if you are a personal developer, you can simply not learn object-c, direct Swift.For those who want to learn swift language, now is also very convenient, the current information is still relatively full, such as the swift developer commu

iOS face question set

difference between a static global variable and a normal global variable? What is the difference between a static local variable and a normal local variable? What is the difference between a static function and a normal function?3, the local variables of the program exist in (the stack), the global variable exists in (static zone), the dynamic request data exists in (heap).4. Differences between processes and threads5. Differences between Heap and stack6. What is precompilation and when to prec

iOS face question 05-parent-child controller, memory management

Memory management, parent-child controller face questions1. What is the use of establishing a parent-child relationship controllerAnswer:1> monitor Screen Select2> If you want to get to your current very small controller is located in the navigation controller must be with the outside of the larger controller to establish a parent-child relationship, in order to layer up the navigation controller2. How is the third-party API used?Answer:0> Open API fo

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