facebook connect php

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Mastering Facebook application development, using PHP, RAD, was, and DB2, part 1th

Installation Settings Component Introduction: Develop a Facebook application using the PHP and Java™ programming languages. This tutorial takes you through a preliminary overview of Facebook and then steps you through the process of creating the

[Architecture] Facebook chat

The Facebook chat article has been around for a long time in infoiq, and piaoger has seen a ppt from Facebook's elder brother on Erlang-factory.   # Keywords Realtime messaging, C ++, Erlang, long-polling, thrift   # Challenges How does synchronous

2014 of the most popular 24 PHP class library Rollup _php instances

PHP is not only a rich language, it can also help developers easily create a better network environment. In order to further help developers, small series will share with you some free and high-quality PHP class library, hope to be able to help

3 free PHP Accelerators: APC, Eaccelerator, xcache comparison

Three free PHP accelerators: APC, Eaccelerator, xcache comparison This article was reproduced from: http://killker.com/blog/?p=94 Always want to find some articles about the acceleration of PHP, accidentally see the killing of this article, feel

Why is there no variable in the php address bar returned by $ _ request?

{Code ...} If ($ _ REQUEST ['Facebook _ type'] = 'Facebook ') {// pull out the facebook Photo window $ smarty-> assign ('Facebook _ type ', 'Facebook ') ;}$ $ (function () {if $ facebook_type eq 'Facebook'} openBg_login (". facebook_register_box ");

6.PHP Kernel Explorer: Zend Engine

Believe that many people have heard of Zend engine this noun, there are many people know that Zend engine is the core of PHP language, but to ask: Zend engine in the end where it exists? Or, at what point does the Zend Engine play a role in letting

23 PHP Practical code clips that must be collected _php tips

It's always good to have a magic tool when writing code! Here's a collection of 40+ PHP snippets that can help you develop PHP projects. These PHP clips are also very helpful to PHP beginners, very easy to learn, let's start learning ~ 1. Send SMS

23 PHP Useful code snippets that must be collected, _php tutorial

23 PHP Useful code snippets that must be collected, It's always good to have a magical tool when writing code! Here is a collection of 40+ PHP code snippets to help you develop your PHP project.These PHP snippets are also very helpful for beginners

23 useful php code snippets that must be added to the favorites. _ PHP Tutorial

23 useful php code snippets that must be added to your favorites ,. 23 useful php code snippets must be added to the favorites. it is always good to have a magic tool when writing code! The following 40 + PHP code snippets are collected to help you

Basic Python knowledge for PHP developers

 Thomas Myer, Director, triple dog dare mediathomas Myer is a consultant, writer, and lecturer who lives in Austin. He created triple dog dare media.   Introduction:Are you an experienced PHP developer and want to learn python? This article will

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