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Use java to develop facebook website applications

When you want to write a Facebook app in Java? You downloaded the java class library from the program development module added to your facebook account. Suddenly you find that you have to stop: development-related introduction, where are the sample

Facebook App's header file will have more to gain

Recently looking at some of the app architecture related articles, but also looked at the two different times of the Facebook architecture (2013 and 2014), so I would like to see the Facebook App's header file, there will be more gains, indeed,

Facebook SDK (IOS) Beginners

The Facebook SDK has been upgraded to 3.1.1. Recently, the latest SDK has been used to complete two basic functions: Login and posting in the project. These two functions already exist in the Facebook SDK, which is very simple to use. However, the

Android Facebook and Twitter share

1. BackgroundAt the beginning of the year, the company's project had a new need to add Facebook and Twitter to the English version of the app.2. Completion of the situationDue to the urgency of this project, it took a week to develop this feature

. Net. Use a facebook account to log on to your website.

References (to facilitate future use, we will summarize some small steps) For information about all Facebook permissions and other APIs, visit the following address: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/. Now a project is the development of facebook

IPhone calls Facebook API

InProgramFacebook is often used to share apps and some interesting things. FB provides us with APIs, but in China, due to the large firewall, we cannot access the FB website normally, proxy and VPN are required. Implementation Effect The

Facebook platform access in cocos2d-x

  Introduction: This document describes how to access the Facebook platform in the game to make the access process as detailed and simple as possible.  Step 1: Authenticate) One of the core classes in the Facebook SDK is fbsession, which is mainly

Facebook application development 2 get user information

The following uses the Facebook C # SDK, an open-source project 1. there are two prerequisites for obtaining User Logon:. user Login (log on to your website, refer to development 1) B. the user allows you to read some of his information, which can

Facebook connected to iOS, key points record (no callback, info. plist writing and other issues)

The problem I encountered was connecting Facebook to the cocos2d-x Project (iOS platform). below this articleArticleI have already said this very well. Read it first. Http://blog.csdn.net/xiadasong007/article/details/8599611 Here we need to

Full embrace of mobile testing, the mobile JSON wire Protocol Specification document translation

SELENIUM3 has announced that it does not support mobile testing. This is to retreat for the veteran test tool selenium, as the standard for mobile automation testing tools is still in the hands of the selenium team.This article mildly translates

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