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Zencart auto Facebook plug-in configuration and use

Zencart auto Facebook plug-in configuration and use Facebook allows users to implement virtual communication at no cost. Do you know the marketing results of Facebook? Another benefit of Facebook web pages is that they help you increase your search

Mastering Facebook application development, using PHP, RAD, was, and DB2, part 2nd

Use Java and PHP in parallel Introduction: Part 2nd of this tutorial series covers the details of the Facebook application development that you started in part 1th, building a Facebook interface with existing stock brokers to enable them to manage

Facebook _php tutorial for getting Started with PHP development

Objective The United States has been leading the technology trend, take the open this matter, also from Google Play to Facebook to Twitter, three companies to play the open API. If not, it is unlikely that Facebook and Twitter will emerge in such a

Introduction to the open-source Facebook project hiphop-PHP (original)

Introduction to the open-source Facebook project Hiphop-php (original)Author: Yu Chao EMail: yuchao86@gmail.com Facebook's open-source Hiphop-php can compile php into a C ++ program to improve the running efficiency of the site. The latest source

Facebook stores 6.5 billion-photo storage frames

Facebook stores 6.5 billion photos of the storage frame Facebook has never been used, but it is still interested in the large capacity of unstructured data storage solutions. This article is through the Online network broadcast (webcast) through

A PHP extension for Facebook ' s ROCKSDB

A PHP extension for Facebook ' s ROCKSDB commits 2 Branches 0 Releases 2 Contributors C + + 90.5% C 8.9% other 0.6% C + +c OtherBranch: Master rocksdb-php/ Merge Pull request #1 from Miclen/patch-

How does Facebook back up MySQL?

How does Facebook back up MySQL? Facebook users create a large amount of data every day. To ensure reliable data storage, Facebook backs up data every day. by changing the original logical backup to custom Physical backup, the backup speed is

Use the Facebook SDK to determine if visitors have pressed Sanuki and become members of the fan group _php tutorial

There's a move in the company today, and one of the activities is to ask visitors to click on Facebook's Sanuki and Sanuki giveaway to send the gold. Facebook has been wall by everyone, and Baidu has discovered that because of the wall, the reason

Why is a Web site like Facebook so large that the PHP file is directly used as a path

Just like its login address, like this http://www.facebook.com/login.php . Usually most of the PHP site does not do some routing distribution, the actual address hidden it? Why doesn't Facebook do this, does it really call this file directly login.

Why is it that Facebook's hiphop to convert PHP into C + + instead of converting PHP into a compiled language, directly executing the compiled files is not faster?

Why Facebook's hiphop to convert PHP to C + + instead of converting PHP into a compiled language ... Is it faster to execute the compiled file directly? Reply content:The first thing to do is to look at the whole history: Facebook has launched the

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