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Mastering Facebook application development, using PHP, RAD, was, and DB2, part 1th

Installation Settings Component Introduction: Develop a Facebook application using the PHP and Java™ programming languages. This tutorial takes you through a preliminary overview of Facebook and then steps you through the process of creating the

Why does Facebook use the PHP programming language?

Why does Facebook use the PHP programming language? PHP enables a leap from designing a website to writing a Web application, with a small investment. You do not need to become a professional. When Japanese computer scientists song benhong

Mastering Facebook application development, using PHP, RAD, was, and DB2, part 3rd

Complete the development of the Facebook stock broker Demo Application Introduction: This is the last tutorial in the three-part series of a fully functional Facebook application that uses the PHP and Java™ languages to add a Facebook interface to

Why does Facebook use the PHP programming language?

When Japanese computer scientist as decided to create a programming language called Ruby, which supported Twitter, Hulu and many other modern web sites, he was inspired by a 1966 sci-fi film called BABEL-17. The book is mainly about a newly invented

Facebook _php tutorial for getting Started with PHP development

Objective The United States has been leading the technology trend, take the open this matter, also from Google Play to Facebook to Twitter, three companies to play the open API. If not, it is unlikely that Facebook and Twitter will emerge in such a

Introduction to the open-source Facebook project hiphop-PHP (original)

Introduction to the open-source Facebook project Hiphop-php (original)Author: Yu Chao EMail: yuchao86@gmail.com Facebook's open-source Hiphop-php can compile php into a C ++ program to improve the running efficiency of the site. The latest source

The worst failure in HTML5 history: Facebook gave up HTML5 and switched to iOS native

Abstract:In any case, Facebook is a good thing for users. With a large number of users, if Facebook develops HTML5 on iOS, it will become a major victory in HTML5 history. However, in reality, everything is rejected. The fall of Sparta: defeat of

What is Facebook's new Hack language?

Hack static type, with some advanced features (in comparison) such as anonymous functions. There are also asynchronous and so on. What we cannot bear is whether the variable name must be added with $. & Gt; Facebook is a family that is keen on using

What about Facebook's newly released Hack language?

Hack static types, with some advanced features (in contrast) such as anonymous functions. There are also asynchronous and the like, can not tolerate the variable name or to add $. > Facebook is a big family that loves PHP, but Hack team leader

Transfer Facebook to rewrite the Runtime Library, PHP will be greatly accelerated

CSDN reported that AlexHandy, senior editor of SDTimes, broke the news in his blog. Last week, Facebook invited the PHP core team to discuss their new project: the PHP Runtime Library rewritten from scratch. On Tuesday, they will officially release

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