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Revealing the software behind Facebook

Many traditional solutions do not apply to a huge web site such as Facebook. The big challenge for Facebook engineers is to keep the site of a nearly 500 million active user running steadily and reliably.   How they did it, this article will

The world's largest PHP site Facebook backstage Technology Quest

The world's largest PHP site Facebook backstage Technology Quest At this year's Facebook F8 developer Conference, 51CTO takes you through its latest open-plan strategy and semantic search. Today, we'll look at the software behind Facebook and see

Facebook website Architecture Software Secrets

the years 6 months, Google published Worldwide Top 1000 website. Facebook is the champion. With Facebook's current size, many traditional server technologies will collapse or simply fail to support them. So how will Facebook's engineers make the

Why does Facebook use the PHP programming language?

Why does Facebook use the PHP programming language? PHP enables a leap from designing a website to writing a Web application, with a small investment. You do not need to become a professional. When Japanese computer scientists song benhong

All-world top PHP station Facebook backstage Technology Quest

The world's top PHP station Facebook backstage Technology Quest Hadoop and Hive Hadoop is an open-source map-reduce implementation that allows it to perform operations on big data. Facebook uses this for data analysis (and we all know that Facebook

Why does Facebook use the PHP programming language?

When Japanese computer scientist as decided to create a programming language called Ruby, which supported Twitter, Hulu and many other modern web sites, he was inspired by a 1966 sci-fi film called BABEL-17. The book is mainly about a newly invented

Facebook _php tutorial for getting Started with PHP development

Objective The United States has been leading the technology trend, take the open this matter, also from Google Play to Facebook to Twitter, three companies to play the open API. If not, it is unlikely that Facebook and Twitter will emerge in such a

Create an Application for Facebook

With the increasing popularity of Web 2.0 applications, today's Web has changed from an independent Web Site to an interactive Web Application. More and more Web 2.0 applications are opening up APIs, and other Web applications are welcome to be

Facebook unveils hiphop project PHP program big speed Up

Recessive nutrition crisis programming efficiency is the most important feature of PHP language, but as a scripting language, there is a problem of inefficient CPU and memory usage until the advent of hiphop for PHP. Facebook's cryptic PHP project,

The worst failure in HTML5 history: Facebook gave up HTML5 and switched to iOS native

Abstract:In any case, Facebook is a good thing for users. With a large number of users, if Facebook develops HTML5 on iOS, it will become a major victory in HTML5 history. However, in reality, everything is rejected. The fall of Sparta: defeat of

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