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thinkphp programming for facets-behavioral development

Thinkphp's CBD model The core retains the most critical parts, and in the important place labels to mark, the other functions are in the way of behavior extension and drive combination, the developer can according to their own needs, a

Original MYECLIPSE2014 Full Manual Reverse engineering

1. Create two new Web project projects in MyEclipse2014 named: Hibernate_manual and Hibernate_auto.2. Click to select the new Web Project Hibernate_auto, right--->myeclipse-->project facets[capabilities]-->install Hibernate Facets,The following

Deep understanding of Spring's two characteristics (IOC and AOP) < go >

A blogger's blog read an article explaining Spring's two core IOC and AOP, to be forwarded and hopefully help more people.Original address: 68946881As we all know, the core feature of spring is the IOC and AOP,IOC (inversion of control), namely

Come with me. Ggplot2 (1)

Ggplot2R's Graphing toolkit, you can use very simple statements to achieve very complex and beautiful results.QplotLoad Qplot=#1. Visualize by basic classification of Color,size,shape#1.1 Simple scatter plot (using color classification, diamonds of

MyEclipse WebSphere Overview (bottom)

In the WebSphere Overview (top) Article, the small section describes the MyEclipse, WebSphere & RAD, MyEclipse Workbench, Project types common in MyEclipse, and WebSphere descriptor file editors. The next small series will introduce you to a few

Spring AOP Finishing

Sample ShowAOP (Aspect oriented Programming) is a technology for Cutting-plane Programming. AOP is a useful complement to OOP based on the IOC Foundation.AOP is widely recognized primarily because it splits the application system into 2 parts: the

Spring AOP Small Note

I. OverviewIn the usual development process, the order in which we call is usually Controller->service-dao, where the service contains too much business logic, and it is also constantly called DAO to implement its own business logic, which often

How much do you do with Ajax common interview questions? 12 common facets of Ajax questions and their answers

This article focuses on the question of Ajax questions and answers, you can take a look at the interview of those who are how to issue, and see what the correct answer is. Now, let's see this article. 1. Do you interact with the background during

Solr.net Use instance Tutorial

profile Solr Solr is a high-performance, JAVA5 development, SOLR based on Lucene's Full-text search server. At the same time, it has been extended to provide a richer query language than Lucene, while achieving configurable, scalable and

Win32 OpenGL programming (7) 3D view transformation, the key to true 3D

Win32 OpenGL programming (7) 3D view transformation-the key to true 3D Write by nine days Yan Ling (jtianling) -- blog.csdn.net/vagrxie Discuss newsgroups and documents Abstract   This article introduces the concept of view transformation from

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