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The factorial of a larger integer n, because n is larger than the normal type of the factorial of the expression range, using an array of operations (Java implementation)

packagenet.yk.mlgorithm;/*** factorial * @author administrator** for larger numbers @param The factorial of a larger integer n, because n is larger than the normal type of the factorial of the expression range, using an array of operations (Java implementation)

A Mathematical Expression Calculator developed based on the grammar analyzer GOLD Parser and a parser Expression Calculator

A Mathematical Expression Calculator developed based on the grammar analyzer GOLD Parser and a parser Expression Calculator Recently found a grammar analysis artifact, read the official website (http://goldparser.org/) after the introduction of the feeling very sharp look, so it was used to test some, write a Mathemat

Regular Expression practice-calculator and regular expression practice

Regular Expression practice-calculator and regular expression practice #-*-Coding: UTF-8 -*-Import re# This article draws on others' compile usage. I think the code is concise and clear.Bk = re. compile (R' \ ([^ ()] + \) ') # Find the inmost bracket ruleMul = re. compile (R' (\ d + \.? \ D * \ *-\ d + \.? \ D *) | (\ d + \.? \ D * \ d + \.? \ D *) ') # search fo

Compiler-simple mathematical expression calculator

A small calculator that can calculate the value of a simple mathematical expression is not a compiler, but a knowledge of the compiler is used. I have been reading some compiler stuff recently. Therefore, writing this simplest calculator is an image of the abstract compiler knowledge, it also lays the foundation for adding complicated things-statements. This

Python Learning Regular Expression Implementation Calculator algorithm detailed

Regular expression is one of the most commonly used in Python development, this article and we share is the Python development using regular expressions to implement the calculator algorithm related content, together look at it, I hope to everyoneLearn Pythonhelpful. (1) Do not use Eval () and other systems to bring the calculation method(2) Implementation of four mixed operation, bracket precedence resolut

HDU 2424-gary's calculator (expression calculation + large number)

Gary's Calculator Time Limit: 5000/1000 MS (Java/others) memory limit: 32768/32768 K (Java/Others)Total submission (s): 950 accepted submission (s): 209 Problem descriptiongary has finally decided to find a calculator to avoid making simple calculational mistakes in his math exam. unable to find a suitable calculator in the market with enough precision, Gary h

C + + Implementation Simple Calculator (regular expression calculation)

Description: Simple and efficient C + + code to implement a simple calculator (regular expression calculation), allowing decimals, parentheses. But there is no right-and-wrong test function, so make sure you are correct before testing.Data structure: StackDemonstration Input:((1.5+2.5) *3-4) +542/7-(12+3) *0.5Standard output:The answer is 13The answer is-1.5Source:#include #includeusing namespaceStd;stackDo

A scientific calculator based on expression calculation

Like many netizens, benefited from vckbase, feel should make a point for him to contribute, so did so a scientific calculator based on expression evaluation and you love programming friends to share. As you know, there are a lot of procedures in this area, and I've seen Zf.yi works, I have also seen Huangjiang related programs, but I think my computing class has a different feature than two digits, such as

Use. Net to create a programmable Expression Calculator

C # language-based Programmable Expression Calculator1. Description:There are a lot of online expression calculators, but this time we have two different expressions:1) users can program functions to expand the calculator (users can even compile a function for playing music, which seems a little too much for a calculator

Data structure experiment: Stack implementation calculator (expression calculation)

Original works reproduced please indicate the sourceWelcome to copy, for the benefit of you hand party/************************************************************************* > File Name:evaluator.cpp > Author : Acvcla > Version 1.01 > qq:[emailprotected] > Mail: [emailprotected] > Created time : November 17, 2014 Monday 23:34 13 seconds > This calculator supports subtraction four operations, support floating point, enter

Classic YACC expression calculator (from bison manual)

/* Infix symbol calculator */ % {# Define yystype double/* define the c Data Type of the semantic value */# Include # Include # Include Int yylex (void );Void yyerror (char const *);%} % Token num/* mark type, only one num */% Left '-''+'/* Definition +,-OPERATOR: left combination */ /* The so-called left combination refers to the expression 1 + 2 + 3.It is calculated as follows: (1 + 2) + 3The most obviou

A simple expression calculator written in 32-bit Assembly Language

The main content, which can be supplemented later. First paste the C language code # Include Then paste the assembly language code A simple expression calculator assembler program that uses the masm32 syntax for programming to generate a 32-bit console program running in windows. Functions and restrictions; only supports the input of 10-digit integers and four-digit operators, negative numbers are not sup

Code Implementation of the JavaScript arithmetic expression calculator

values during calculation. function Value(value){ this.value = value || 0;}Value.prototype.toString = function(){ return this.value.toString(); }; Code Implementation of the createOperator function: // IIFEvar createOperator = (function () {// name: "+", "-", "*", "/" // OPERATOR: return function (name, struct) {// closure function var Foo = function () {// obtain two operands var args = arguments; var nums = []. slice. call (arguments); nums = nums. map (function (e) {return e. value ;}); v

C # Calculation Expression (similar to the calculator function ),

C # Calculation Expression (similar to the calculator function ), 1. Using MSScriptControl to execute JavaScript code in C #. Anyone who has used an eval method in javascript knows its convenience and strength.In C #, we can also use the Com component to execute javascript code.The following code demonstrates how to use the MSScriptControl component to execute a mathematical

Javascript expression calculator code _ javascript tips-js tutorial

Js expression calculator Code. For more information, see. : Code: [Ctrl + A select all Note: If you need to introduce external Js, You need to refresh it to execute]

Python Learning Regular expression exercise: writing a calculator

("[+-]", formula)# Multiplication Sign Division sign separated by a list Print(Totle_calc_list, Totle_operator_list)Totle_res =None forIndex,iteminchEnumerate(totle_calc_list):ifTotle_res:#sub_res为真, which means it's not the first cycle. iftotle_operator_list[index-1]=="+":#通过sub_operator_list中的index判断到底是加法还是减法, Totle_res + =float(item)Else:Totle_res-=float(item)Else:Totle_res =float(item) # return Formula Print("[Result]=], Totle_res)returnTotle_resdefCalc (Formula):Parentheses_fl

Score Expression Calculator

At the time of Data Structure Course Design, I chose an expression calculator, but I did not use the stack structure calculation as required by the teacher. I wrote a function that directly performs string scanning, it is calculated in the form of scores and the result is accurate. The complexity of O (n) is higher than that of stack. Below is the main part of the code... The program supports the operator

Analog calculator: evaluate an expression with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and parentheses

// Integer, add, subtract, multiply, divide, evaluate multiple parentheses, for example,-1 + (2-(3 + 4)/7) * 5, (without input check): # include Analog calculator: evaluate an expression with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and parentheses

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