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JavaScript algorithm exercise: factorial (factorial) function

factorial calls it factorial, as Wikipedia describes the " factorial of a positive integer is the product of all positive integers less than and equal to that number, and has a 0 factorial of 1 ." nthe factorial writing n! of natural numbers . ”The

What is factorial

Factorial is an operational symbol invented by Kiston Kaman (Christian kramp,1760~1826) in 1808 and is a mathematical term. A positive integer.factorialEnglishfactorial) is the product of all positive integers less than and equal to the number, and

Codewars--js--large factorials--factorial + large number factorial

Problem Description:In mathematics, the factorial of an integer is n written as n! . It is equal to the product of and n every integer preceding it. For example:5! = 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 = 120Your mission is simple:write a function, takes an integer

UVA 10061 How many zero's and how many digits? (M-binary, factorial-digit, factorial-suffix 0)

Test instructions: Given two numbers A and B, how many consecutive 0 of the output (1) suffix is obtained after the factorial of a is converted to B-binary ? (2) How many people are there? Idea: Solve the problem one by one.Set A!  =k. K

Algorithm problem of 2-channel factorial

To the 51nod new UI to do the problem, by the way, here are 2 factorial questions,1003 factorial back 0 of the numberHow many 0 are behind the factorial of n? The factorial of 6 = 1*2*3*4*5*6 = 720,720 is followed by a 0. InputA number n (1

2nd Chapter The charm of numbers-don't be intimidated by factorial

Don't be intimidated by factorial. DescriptionFactorial (factorial) is a very interesting function, but a lot of people are afraid of it, let's look at two factorial-related problems:Question 1. Given an integer n, then the factorial n of n! How

The number of digits and exact values of a large number of factorial calculations "go"

Source: http://www.cnblogs.com/stonehat/p/3603267.htmlHere, worship the original author heheWe know that the number of bits of integer n is calculated as: log10 (n) +1So the number of n! is log10 (n!) +1If the specific value of n! is required, the

Factorial computing from entry to entry-entry 2

 Abstract: This article uses an algorithm idea that is almost the same as "computing of big data factorial from entry to entry". It is different from the previous article in this article, the program given in this article uses an array element to

Computing of factorial from entry to entry-power of Assembly 3

 Abstract: This article provides two programs for calculating factorial. 1st programs use the method of embedding assembly code in C to improve the bottleneck of Program 2 in the previous article, so that the speed is more than three times faster.

Number of 0 of the mantissa of the integer factorial result

Problem DescriptionGiven the parameter n (n is a positive integer), calculate the factorial of n n! The number of "0" is included at the end.For example, 5! =120, which contains the number of "0" at the end of the 1;10! = 3628800, with the number of

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