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JavaScript notes (ii)--application of common arrays and string methods

1. Flip the characters in the string, such as ' Hello ', and flip it into ' Olleh '.var arr=[];function ReverseString (str) {Arr=str.split ("");Arr=arr.reverse ();Str=arr.join ("");return str;}ReverseString ("Hello");2. Calculate the factorial of an

JS implementation of common algorithm in front-end

1. Bubble sortfunction bubbleSort(arr){ var i = 0, j = 0; for(i=1; ifor(j=0; jvar temp = 0; // ">" 从小到大排序 // "if(arr[j] > arr[j+1]){ temp = arr[j]; arr[j] = arr[j+1]; arr[j+1] = temp; } } } return arr;}2. Quick Sortfunction quickSort(arr,l,r){

Freecodecamp Note--js

arguments to array;Array.prototype.slice.call (arguments);Calculates the factorial of an integerfunction factorialize (num) { if(num==0)return 1; return num*factorialize (num-1);}Remove the number specified in the arrayfunction Destroyer (arr) {

JS primary scripting algorithm

Original linkFlip String Algorithm Challengefunction reverseString(str){ str = str.split(‘‘).reverse().join(‘‘); return str;}reverseString("hello");First, convert the string into an array, and then use the reverse method of the array to flip the

Rx Learning Note: Freecodecamp's JavaScript basic algorithm challenge

Freecodecamp's JavaScript basic algorithm challengeHttps://www.freecodecamp.com2016-07-03JavaScript is not very familiar with the knowledge to solve these problems, it is estimated that some algorithms will be very stupid.1. Invert stringsStr.split (

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