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One of the C ++ design patterns is the factory model (simple factory, factory and abstract factory)

Before this series began today, I felt a little scared. After all, the experts in the garden talked about the classic design patterns.ArticleThere are a lot of articles, especially those by Dr. Li huijun and Lu Zhenyu. Their text is like a breeze,

C # design Pattern Creation class Mode: Abstract Factory mode

Definition: Provides an interface that creates a series of related or interdependent objects without specifying their specific class.ConceptTo understand the abstract factory model, first understand a few concepts, one is the product hierarchy, the

C # Design Pattern-Abstract Factory mode

First, IntroductionIn the previous topic, we introduced the factory method pattern, which was designed to overcome the shortcomings of the simple factory model, the factory class of the simple factory model will need to add additional code as the

NET design Pattern Instance Series article summary

1 What is design modeThe design pattern is a better solution to the recurring problems in the process of software design. As one expert says: Design patterns are a reproducible solution to the design problems often encountered by program designers

Net-factory Method

  I. Mode Overview Perhaps the factory method pattern is the most widely used pattern in the design pattern. In the object-oriented design, object management is the core, and object creation is the first step of Object Management. Object creation is

The application of factory method pattern in C + + programming in the analysis of design patterns _c language

The factory method pattern differs from the simple factory pattern in that the factory method pattern places the object creation process into the lining class. This way the factory parent object, like the product parent object, can be an abstract

Turn: Design Pattern-abstract factory pattern (concise and clear)

From: http://blog.csdn.net/ipqxiang/article/details/19556771. Abstract Factory Mode Abstract Factory mode is the most abstract and general factory mode in all forms. To facilitate the introduction of the abstract factory model, a new concept is

Design Pattern-factory Model

Essentially, this mode uses classes to encapsulate and split conditional branches (if else, switch case). The problem is that the condition class encapsulation is also very troublesome. In fact, for more advanced languages, such as the Dynamic

Simple Factory design pattern (Factory)

The introduction recently saw a video explaining the. NET design pattern in Youtub, where one of the authors ' understandings impressed me deeply: the so-called design pattern is actually using object-oriented programming to solve the problem of

C # Design Pattern summary

First, IntroductionAfter this period of time on the design pattern of learning, their feelings are still a lot of, because I now write code, often think of here can use what design mode to reconstruct. So, after you finish the design pattern, you

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