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Linux Archive Tool---Tar

      Tar instruction usage: tar [-][options] [pathname ...]Main mode of operation:-A,--catenate,--concatenate      -c,--create: Creating an Archive-d,diff,compare: Comparing the difference between an archive file and an operating system--delete:

Archive log missing causes Ogg synchronization problem, workaround

During the migration of the database, the last boot GGsAfter starting GGs found the extraction process error, check the log found the following error:2016-03-16 00:15:42 INFO OGG-01517 Position of first record processed for Thread 2, Sequence 17643,

Java about the processing of compressed packets, I posted here three-format (Zip,rar,tar) decompression method (currently only used to extract, so compression too much research).

1, first of all, we first say why there are three formats:(1) RAR format: RAR format is the first compression method, it is mainly used for the compression of some files of commercial organizations, it can be based on the requirements of different

Extract file data from ZIP files based on zlib

Er, I have reviewed my previous articles today. The highest attention rate is the "self-painted radiobutton". Many people have sent messages to send source code, which is also lazy, now the source code connection has been added to the end of the

PHP Read zip file (delete file, extract file, add File) instance _php tutorial

The following small series to show you a few PHP operation zip file instance, we can read the ZIP package in the specified file and delete the specified file in the ZIP package, the following to give a big this introduction. Extracting files from a

PHP read the zip file (delete file, extract file, add File) instance

/* PHP extracts files from zip compressed files */ $zip = new Ziparchive; if ($zip->open (' jquery five screen up and down scrolling focus graph code. zip ') = = = TRUE) {//Chinese file name to use ANSI-encoded files format

A detailed description of the TAR compression decompression command under Linux

Source Address: Create compressed archives-X: Unzip-T: View content-r: Append files to the end of a compressed archive file-U: Update files in original compressed packageThese five are

Tar Command man description

Tar (1) User Commands tar (1)NAMETar-manual page for tar 1.26SynopsisTar [OPTION ...] [FILE] ...DESCRIPTIONGNU ' tar ' saves many files together into a single tape or disk archive, and canRestore individual files from the archive.Note that this

Tar, gzip, and unzip

TARCommand nameThe GNU version of the tar-tar file management program. The following sections describe their meanings one by one.OverviewTar [-] A -- catenate -- concatenate | c -- create | d -- diff -- compare | r -- append | t -- list | u --

How to train new military commanders

How to train new military commanders Strict: gamers seldom ask questions about teaching, which is determined by the teacher himself. It is easy to encounter various problems such as leaving without strict guidance. The effect is not good. Worry-free

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