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What is the TCP/IP protocol?

What is the TCP/IP protocol. first, the TCP/IP model The TCP/IP protocol model (transmission Control protocol/internet Protocol) contains a series of network protocols that form the basis of the Internet and is the core protocol of the

TCP/IP face test Finishing

The TCP/IP protocol workflow is as follows: On the source host, the application layer transmits a string of application data to the transport layer. The transport layer truncates the data stream of the application layer into groups, and the TCP

Interview path (4)-TCP/IP/HTTP Overview

Interview path (4)-TCP/IP/HTTP OverviewBasic TCP/IP knowledge The full name of TCP/IP is Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The IP address consists of 32 bits and 4 bytes. The IP address consists of the network ID and host ID. Class a

Interview Road (4)-tcp/ip/http overview

Basic knowledge of TCP/IPThe TCP/IP full name is transmission Control protocol/internet Protocol. IP Address Total +-bit4Bytes. The IP address is divided into two parts: the network identity and the host identity.AClass IP Address: The first segment

TCP/IP (vii) the play-to-HTTP protocol

ObjectiveThe previous blog post simply introduces the HTTP protocol that belongs to the application layer, and this article will learn the HTTP protocol in detail, which is a protocol that must be used in web development. Although I am big data, but

Android Network programming Series A network layer of the TCP/IP protocol family

This reference article is mainly used for the diffusion of knowledge points in subsequent articles, in this special backup and diffusion learning Exchange.The internetwork includes: IP, ICMP, IGMP, and protocols that are actually working on the

TCP/IP Detailed learning notes (3)-IP Protocol, ARP protocol, RARP protocol

Put these three protocols together because the three protocols are on the same level, the ARP protocol is used to locate the target host's Ethernet NIC MAC address, and the IP hosts the message to be sent. The data link layer can get the data

Using TCP/IP protocol stack fingerprint for remote Operating system identification _ Web surfing

Overview This article discusses how to query the TCP/IP protocol stack of a host to collect valuable information. FirstFirst, I enumerated several "classic" operating system identification methods outside the stack fingerprint. And thenI described

Summary of TCP/IP protocol details (angry squirt of old blood)

TCP/IP protocolTCP/IP is not a protocol, but a generic term for a protocol family. It includes IP protocol, IMCP protocol, TCP protocol. TCP/IP tiering: Here are a few points to note: Internet address: That is, IP address, usually network number +

TCP/IP and HTTP related summary

The network is basically divided into two blocks, a TCP protocol, and an HTTP protocol.1.TCP and UDP differences Establish connection or not TCP targets data flow, UDP datagrams. TCP provides reliable, orderly, and non-repeatable

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