failure receiving data from peer

Want to know failure receiving data from peer? we have a huge selection of failure receiving data from peer information on

Application of peer-to-peer network technology in IPTV

With the rapid development of embedded technology over the past few years, the streaming media technology, which shows strong market demand on the personal computer platform, has gradually shifted to the embedded platform. Media consumption demands

Using JAVA to realize Peer-to-peer network communication __java

Guide: Absrtact: This paper analyzes the basic concept of peer-to-peer and its basic working principle, discusses the technology of realizing Peer-to-peer network communication with Java, and further expounds it with an example. Tags:

Java Peer-to-peer Computing Practice: Discovery based on IP multicast

To accomplish useful work, peers in peer-to-peer applications must be able to discover each other and interact with each other. This article provides an implementation of a discovery based on IP multicast. Before a software entity can participate

Research on Peer-to-peer communication method of Udp/tcp through NAT (Udp/tcp hole Hole punching)

Research on Peer-to-peer communication method of Udp/tcp through NAT (Udp/tcp hole Hole punching) Introduction to the type of NAT device: Reprint The type of NAT device has a very important influence on TCP traversing NAT,

Peer network Video-on-demand technology

with the rapid development of computer networks in China, the network AV technology has been widely used. Nowadays people have changed from the traditional entertainment mode (for example: Radio, television) to the network Interactive media

DHCP Failure Recovery (hot standby)

DHCP Failure Recovery (hot standby) This version of the ISC dhcpserver supports the dhcpfailure recovery agreement, which is described in draw.ietf-dhc-failover-07.txt. This is not the final Protocol document and does not perform interactive

Design and implementation of TIKV source parsing series--multi-raft

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. This series of articles is mainly for TIKV community developers, focusing on tikv system architecture, source structure, process analysis. The goal is to enable

SDH alarm Performance Analysis

1. Los: Alarm for signal lossIt indicates that the local end cannot receive light or electrical signals. When the signal amplitude remains below a preset threshold value (the threshold value is very small, far lower than or equal to 10-3) within a

Socket send Recv

Int send (socket S, const char far * Buf, int Len, int flags ); Both the client and server applications use the send function to send data to the other end of the TCP connection. The client program generally uses the send function to send requests

The principle of DHT technology

introduction of Peer-to-peer and DHT technology Peer-to-peer in the mind can be said to be the Internet thought/spirit/philosophy is very concentrated embodiment of common participation, transparent open, equal sharing (reminds me of the previous

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