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String 0. Whether the value converted to a Boolean type in PHP and JS is false or True

in PHP$a = ' 0 ';$b = (bool) $a;Var_dump ($a);//Output FalseIn JS, the official description:Note:if The value parameter is omitted, or was 0, 0, NULL,, False, undefined, or NaN, the object is set to False.Otherwise It is set to true (even with the

Thoroughly understand string constant pools and other related issues

Objective: In peacetime we use the string is generally used to get directly, very little in-depth to think about this knowledge , leading to others in the examination of our time, will ask the string str = new String ("123"); This line of code

Network Configuration Settings

Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/-->TCP/IP settings for Windows NT and 2000 TCP/IP is a widely used Wan protocol. In NT and 2000 systems, some of its parameters are provided by the

About adding, deleting, querying, and modifying bit fields in SQL Server, serverbit

About adding, deleting, querying, and modifying bit fields in SQL Server, serverbit Preface This article describes how to add, query, modify, and delete bit fields in SQL Server. before talking about BIT fields, let's take a look at the "weird"

bit type field in SQL Server Delete and change the thing.

Tag: The code type will also query src update image creat BSP  The bit Type field before the first look at the "weird" scene, to perform the update successfully, but the results of the query is still 1, not the update of 2When others asked me to

Change the expiration time of the Oracle11g account password

The Oracle11g startup parameter resource_limit takes effect regardless of whether it is set to false or true. Therefore, you must modify the password in the preceding method. The preceding account name Whether set to false or true, the Oracle 11g

Stupid way to learn Python (27)

Exercise 27: Remembering logical relationshipsSo far you've learned to read and write files, command-line processing, and many Python math functions. Today, you are going to start learning logic. What you want to learn is not the advanced logic

Python logical operators

True = TFalse = F Not Not X Boolean "Non"-returns False if X is True. If X is False, it returns TRUE. Not (A and B) returns False ? and X and Y Boolean "and"-if x is False,x and y

C # logic operations

&, ^ ,! And | operators are called logical operators. Operators are used to connect computing objects with C # syntax. Operators are called logical expressions. Logical operator "!" And "^" only act on the subsequent operands, so it is called The

Describes the relationship between onintercepttouchevent and ontouchevent.

After the holiday, we will have a holiday. Wow, Haha, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival and eat more dumplings. The company sent us a few dumplings. I had a good meal this morning, back to the topic... I have read a lot about this on the

FASM custom Win32 header file

With the typedef macro written in the previous section, I think it is perfect. Why? 1. enhanced readability. For example, handle 2. The structure of 32 or 64 only needs one copy, because pvoid can present the pointer well, which is consistent

How to steal website management permissions by injecting SQL statements

We know that the website background needs to verify the user input. If this is not done, the user can even enter some SQL statements to operate the background database. Such a fun thing has never been really experienced. A few days ago, the School

PHP Basics _ PHP Tutorial

Basic PHP knowledge. The integer number in php is signed and cannot represent an unsigned integer. when the integer number exceeds the range, it is automatically converted from the integer number to the float number, you can use the php_int_size

Jump to a hyperlink and execute functions in advance

Before the hyperlink jump, execute the function as the question & nbsp; purpose: click a hyperlink & nbsp; onclick () function to assign a value to the session & nbsp; and then output this value on the page after the jump: why didn't I execute the

PHP Basics Introduction _php Tutorial

The number of shapes in PHP is signed, can not represent unsigned integers, when the number of shapes out of range, will be automatically converted from shaping to float number, you can use the Php_int_size constant to see the php integer type of

Expression of Lua learning Notes

Expression of Lua learning Notes1. Arithmetic operatorsBinary operator: +-*/^ (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and Division power)Unary operator:-(negative value)The operations of these operators are real numbers.2. Relational operators, =, =

Python-collection and python collection

Python-collection and python collection Collection The main function is to compare the information in the list and test the link. Features:1. remove duplicates. If a list is converted into a collection, deduplication is automatically performed.2.

Basic Java language knowledge

  First, what is a computerBased on Baidu Encyclopedia  1. IntroductionComputer (computer), commonly known as computers, is a modern computer for high-speed computing, can be calculated numerically, and can be logical calculation, but also has

PHP Review Basics

Variable names are case-sensitive ($y and $Y are two different variables) Both the PHP statement and the PHP variable are case-sensitive. PHP does not have a command to declare variables. The variable is created when you assign it to it for

Java Basics Essay 2

Various operators: Arithmetic operators:: +,-,*,/,%,++,--+ +: self-increment--: self-reductionWhen used alone, + + or--whether placed in front of the variable or behind it, the result is the same.When participating in the operation:If + + or--at the

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