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Regular Expressions basic use (GO)

1. Regular expression basic syntaxTwo special symbols ' ^ ' and ' $ '. Their role is to indicate the beginning and end of a string, respectively. Examples are as follows:"^the": denotes all strings starting with "the" ("There", "the Cat", etc.); "Of

General CRUD functionality Framework (vi) Scrudfield field classes in the Quick backend in the icephp framework

/** * CRUD Field class * @author Bluehire * */ Class Scrudfield extends Scrudsub { The following attribute source database (config file, config/crud/*.config.php) Public $name; Field name Private $scale; Precision Private $type; Type

General CRUD function framework in the quick backend of the IcePHP framework (6) SCrudField class

General CRUD function framework in the quick backend of the IcePHP framework (6) SCrudField class /** * CRUD field class * @ Author bluehire * */ Class SCrudField extends SCrudSub { // The following attributes are from the database (configuration

Android-checkbox Implementation Calculator

Source code: http://download.csdn.net/detail/wu20093346/7718055Use the checkbox's Oncheckedchangelistener to do event triggering:List=new Onkeylistener () {@Override public boolean onKey (View v, int keycode, keyevent event) {//TODO auto-generated

Some common JavaScript Detection Functions

// Function name: trim // Function Description: removes spaces at the beginning and end of a string. // Creation date: // Last modify by: N/ // Last modify Date: N/ String. Prototype. Trim = function (){ Return this. Replace (/(^ \ s *) | (\ s *

Keywords: JS verification form Daquan, use js to control form submission, JavaScript to submit form:

Directory: 1: JS string length limit, determination character length, JS restriction input, restriction not input, textarea length limit 2.: JS judges Chinese characters, determines whether Chinese characters are needed, and can only input Chinese

Some JavaScript detection functions that are often used

javascript| functions//function Name:trim Function Description: Removing the trailing spaces of a string Creation Date:2004-7-13 15:30 Last Modify by:n/a Last Modify date:n/a String.prototype.trim=function () { Return This.replace (/(^\s*) | ( \s*$)/

JS Form Verification Encyclopedia _ form effects

1. Only numbers and English can be entered: 2. Only numbers can be entered: 3. Only the full angle can be entered: 4. Only Chinese characters are entered: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verify

Collecting 28 JS verification functions

JS verification function call method and note: 1. Set onsubmit = "return test ()" for the form and submit it with . 2. // call function verification directly when you press the mouse 3. // pass in your own value for verification, test (this) //

PHPPDO for MYSQL encapsulation

PHPPDO for MYSQL encapsulation /** * Auther soulence * Call a data file * Modify 2015/06/12 */ Class DBConnect { Private $ dbname = null; Private $ pdo = null; Private $

28 JS Validation Function Collection _ form effects

JS validation function of the call method and note: 1. Set the form onsubmit= "return test ()", with Submit. 2.//When the mouse is pressed, call function validation directly 3.//Pass in its own value for verification, test (this)//incoming object

PHP PDO operation MySQL Package class

/** * Auther soulence * Call Data class file * Modify 2015/06/12 */ Class Dbconnect { Private $dbname = null; Private $pdo = null; Private $persistent = false; Private $statement = null; Private

JS Regular Expression Verification Encyclopedia (collection) _ Regular expressions

Reference URL http://hi.baidu.com/quiteuniverse/blog/item/9f3f043d46ad1e07bba16716.html The following function calls the method: function Check () { var bb = document.getElementById ("txt_id"). VALUE;//TXT_ID is the ID alert for the text

POP3, SMTP mail transceiver

smtp| program if ($EMAIL _inc) return; $EMAIL _inc= "defined"; Define ("Smtpport", 25); Class Pop3 { var $subject; Message subject var $from _email; Sender Address var $from _name; Sender Name var $to _email; Recipient address var $to _name;

Common regular expressions are used to verify information, such as the mobile phone number of the website email address.

Provides various official and user-released code examples. For code reference, you are welcome to exchange and learn common regular expressions to verify information, such as the website email phone number. /*** Common regular expressions are

FTP operation class for CodeIgniter imitation

Provides various official and user-released code examples for code reference. You are welcome to learn about the FTP operation of CodeIgniter. /*** Copy the FTP class of CodeIgniter* Basic FTP operations:* 1) login; connect* 2) Current directory

PHP Judge search engine spider and automatically memory to file code _php tutorial

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: function Write_naps_bot () { $useragent =get_naps_bot (); Echoexit ($useragent); if ($useragent = = "false") return false; Date_default_timezone_set ("Asia/shanghai"); $date =date ("y-m-d h:i:s"); $ip

PHP Gets a remote picture class instance

Example, a PHP get remote picture class. Code: if (! defined (' BasePath ')) exit (' No direct script access allowed '); /* * Remote access to picture class * * Requires the curl extension to be turned on

Implementation code of the FTP class of The Imitation CodeIgniter

For everyone to introduce a copy CodeIgniter FTP class, the function is very powerful, have the need of friends, you can refer to the next.1, File Upload class ftp.php ', ' username ' + ', ' password ' + ', ' port ' = ' ... '; */Public

Regular Expression for determining numbers, letters, and Chinese characters in js (example)

/* Determines whether the specified content is null. If it is null, a warning box is displayed. */ Function isEmpty (theValue, strMsg ){ If (theValue = ""){ Alert (strMsg + "cannot be blank! "); Return true; } Return false; } /* Chinese judgment

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