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In September November 16, Bo Wen's point of view met with the Beijing. Net club chairman Bao Yu's "how to optimize ASP. NET" chat record-hope to help ASP. NET readers!

HOST: chat rules. Our chat is about to begin. Now I want to announce the chat Rule 1. after the chat starts, you will submit your questions to the host at the chat venue (noahwing). I will be responsible for submitting the questions to the guests.

Comparison between ASP, PHP, JSP, and ASP. NET

ASP, PHP, JSP, and ASP. NET are currently the four most popular WEB website programming languages. Currently, most websites use one of these languages. ASP is based on the WINDOWS platform and is easy to use. Because it runs on the WINDOWS platform,

About career planning-asp amateur php is acceptable for normal websites. I plan to transfer my job to my supervisor next year

About career planning-asp amateur learning php is still a normal website. I plan to transfer it to my supervisor next year. Today, my company plans to transfer it. net told me to be depressed with the. net team! I would like to give you some

ASP. NET and PHP comprehensive comparison _ PHP-php Tutorial

PHP, which has just made a historic breakthrough in the programming language ranking in September, is probably the most powerful opponent in the Web development field, namely ASP. NET based on Microsoft. NET technology. Recently, Microsoft's

Asp. Net migration notes ASP. Net migration notes Unified Teaching Network Date: 2001-11-5 9:05:00 Source: Author: unknown While Microsoft's designers are doing a great job of backwards compatibility with ASP applications, there are a few

Differences between ASP. NET web applications and ASP. NET websites

WebapplicationAdvantages of the Programming Model: ● The website Compilation speed is fast and the incremental compilation mode is used. This part will be incrementally compiled only after the file is modified. ● GeneratedProgramSetWebsite:

Vulnerabilities that ASP. net mvc has fallen _ MVC initial knowledge and MVC application structure, _ mvcmvc

Vulnerabilities that ASP. net mvc has fallen _ MVC initial knowledge and MVC application structure, _ mvcmvcAPS. Net MVC [go] From MSDN click to access the MVC Theoretical Structure Model-View-controller (MVC) architecture model divides an

CGI, ASP, PHP, JSP, ASP. NET Web site development language comparison

I. Introduction and advantages and disadvantages of the mainstream website development language.Now the mainstream web development language mainly includes CGI, ASP, PHP, ASP, JSP and so on.HTML: Of course, this is the most basic language of the Web,

Comparison between PHP and ASP. NET

  What are the differences between PHP and ASP. NET? What is the necessity for comparing PHP with ASP. NET? This article will give you an answer.   PHP and ASP. net comparison, whether you have selected PHP or not, according to its

How to correctly use sessions in ASP. NET, asp. netsession

How to correctly use sessions in ASP. NET, asp. netsession The Session object is used to store the information required by a user to access a specific aspx page from the moment the user leaves. When you switch the page of an application, the

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