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The development of 13-rule for dating sites

Now the online dating industry has become one of the largest economic sources of society. Almost 0 of the cost will make money, of course, this "0" is a little more than you think-you need to build a perfect site for future work.What do you think is

Domestic SNS Status: 2008 ago Facebook: School

(a) Review of SNS prior to FacebookSocial network Services (SNS) is not created by Facebook, before Facebook, "Friends" and "community" (especially the BBS community) two types of Internet applications have SNS attribute. In particular, the former

How to make a hard-to-do local living service?

Tiger Olfactory Note: This article from the "TMT Youth salon" of the industry exchange of dry goods sharing, by the TMT Youth Salon authorized Tiger Sniff exclusive release. The TMT Youth Salon, organized by a group of young people from the Internet,

Schema optimization and indexing-high-performance indexing strategy

Preface Creating the right indexes and using them correctly is the key to getting good query performance. We've covered different kinds of indexes and explored their pros and cons. Now let's look at how to use powerful indexes in depth. There are

How to draw a business flow chart (1)

This article will contain several parts: 1. What is a flowchart? What are the differences between flowcharts and other charts (such as line charts, concept charts, structural charts, and use case charts? 2. Why do I need a flowchart? 3. What is the

Summary of high-performance mysql learning Notes

(Architecture and history)Mysql logical architectureIf you have a structural diagram of how Mysql components work together in your mind, this will help us understand the Mysql server.Mysql logical architectureThe upper-layer connection/thread

Nginx: A Russian software that takes over the entire network

More than 10 years ago, an obscure Open-source Web server software was born, and more than 10 years later, its influence could rival Apache, attracting a large number of internet giants around the world, according to the US Wired magazine. He is the

Product Manager Business Flowchart Drawing process Sharing

Product Manager Business Flowchart Drawing process Sharing 2012/06/28 Read (72102) Comments (12) Favorites (159) Everyone is a product manager "starting College", bat actual product director of the hands-on system to take

Enterprise-class open source monitoring software Zabbix

The most rapid of an open source software has a certain understanding and understanding, the best way is crossing network introduction.------Shangwei SuperFirst question: What is Zabbix?A:Zabbix is an enterprise-class software designed for

The 70th day of entrepreneurship

Today, the boss finally came to me, probably means that before the money is not divided, to my current ability, according to their judgment on the 10% Project equity, I am not satisfied with the words can be discussed under the discretion, and

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