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CentOS 7.1 Compile and install PHP7

Original: 1 create PHP users and user groups, and download PHP7 source on GitHubFirst create a user named PHP 没有登录权限 and a user group named PHP, and then go to

PHP7 official version of the test, performance stunning! _php Tips

Let's take a look at the PHP 7 official version of the algorithm and the performance of WordPress application on it. PHP7 installation, really very backward-compatible, download, decompression, the previous configuration command used, all the way

Detailed description of the sample code for CENTOS7 compiling and installing PHP7

Create PHP users and user groups Start by creating a user named PHP with no login rights and a user group named PHP ###### #新建php用户和php组 [root@localhost ~]# groupadd-r php && useradd-r-G php-s/bin/false-d/usr/local/php7-m ph P Compile the

CentOS Compiler Installation PHP7

Environment description CentOS 7 x64 4-core 2G memory built in VMware 12 The installed MySQL5.7.9 is already installed in the environment Tools downloadCompilation

Install PHP7+NGINX+MARIADB Environment under centos6.4

One, install PHP71, create PHP users and user groups, and download PHP7 source on GitHub#新建php用户和php组# groupadd-r PHP && useradd-r-G php-s/bin/false-d/usr/local/php7-m php##### #从GitHub下载php7安装包# wget-c--no-check-certificate-o

Compiling and installing PHP7

CentOS6.6 Compiling and installing PHP7 Install the dependency package first Yum install gcc gcc-c++ pcre* openssl* gd-devel* zlib-devel pcre-devel libxml2-devel curl-devel  Download and install LibmcryptAddress:

Nginx Installation of php7+php5_php tips

Start Before the server built a lamp environment, want to change the performance of more powerful Nginx as server software, but also want to upgrade PHP5 to PHP7. Install nginx do not need to repeat: sudo apt-get install Nginx, start ng before you

Install php7 + php5 in nginx and php7php5 in nginx

Install php7 + php5 in nginx and php7php5 in nginx Start Previously, I set up a lamp environment on the server. I want to use nginx with higher performance as the server software and upgrade php5 to php7. To install nginx, do not go into details:

Compiling and installing PHP7

1. Prepare the PHP installation environment1.1. Completely uninstall the old version of PHPRpm-qa |grepphprpm-E php-fpm-5.3.3- A. el6.x86_64rpm-E php-pdo-5.3.3- A. el6.x86_64rpm-E php-pear-1.9.4-4. el6.noarchrpm-E php-cli-5.3.3- A. el6.x86_64rpm-E

Detailed description of how to use Nginx and PHP7-FPM installation in CentOS7 Nextcloud

This article mainly describes how to use Nginx and php7-fpm to install Nextcloud in CentOS7, will run Nextcloud through Nginx and PHP7-FPM, while using MariaDB as a database system. Nextcloud is a free (open source) class Dropbox software that

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