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R-cnn,spp-net, FAST-R-CNN,FASTER-R-CNN, YOLO, SSD series deep learning detection method combing

1. R-cnn:rich feature hierarchies for accurate object detection and semantic segmentationTechnical route: Selective search + CNN + SVMsSTEP1: Candidate Box extraction (selective search)Training: Given a picture, use the Seletive search method to

ASP. NET vs. php, which is faster?

Last month, Joe Stagner posted a seriesArticleCompared the execution performance of PHP and ASP. NET, resulting inProgramA large number of responses from members. Joe said he would continue this test and look for a more appropriate way to draw

Why choose. NET Core?

why Choose. Netcore? Learning a new development framework is a huge investment. You need to learn how to write, build, test, deploy, and maintain applications in a new framework. As a developer, there are many frameworks to choose from, and it's

Introducing. NET Core

at Connect (), we announce that the. NET core will be fully released as open source software. I also agree with more details on the. NET Core. In this article, I will provide the. NET core, how we go about releasing it, how it relates to the. NET

(translated) with. NET container image remains synchronized

Original: article describes the production and update container images we provide you with, which you can use in Docker, Kubernetes and other

. NET Overview (2). NET Core 2.0 features introduction and Usage guide

. NET Core 2.0 Release Date: August 14, 2017 foreword This one will be long, introducing the. NET Core 2.0 new features, tool support and system ecology, status and future plans, can be read as a technology overview, can also be used as a learning

In September November 16, Bo Wen's point of view met with the Beijing. Net club chairman Bao Yu's "how to optimize ASP. NET" chat record-hope to help ASP. NET readers!

HOST: chat rules. Our chat is about to begin. Now I want to announce the chat Rule 1. after the chat starts, you will submit your questions to the host at the chat venue (noahwing). I will be responsible for submitting the questions to the guests.

FASTER-RCNN+ZF training model with its own data set (Python version)

Description: This blog post assumes that you have made your own dataset, and that the dataset is formatted the same as VOC2007. Here are some pre-training changes.(The process of doing a dataset can be seen here.)FASTER-RCNN Source:MATLAB version:

[Translate]. NET Core 2.1 Release

Original: Announcing. NET Core 2.1We are happy to be able to publish. NET Core 2.1. This update includes improvements to performance, improvements to runtimes and tools. It also includes a new way to deploy tools in the form of NuGet packages. We

[. NET object-oriented programming in depth] (8) understanding. NET Core

[. NET object-oriented programming in depth] (8) understanding. NET Core 1, overview . NET has been performing well on the Windows platform for over 14 years, but "cross-platform, open source" is its pain point, starting in 16. NET core will usher

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