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Cluster technology into the 4G era: TD-LTE in the private network market first (1)

to technical system lags behind, weak data bandwidth capabilities, and poor mobility, it is difficult to meet the development requirements of industry private networks. To help private network users solve the above problems, narrowband Digital cluster technology has clearly evolved to a broadband multimedia Cluster Based on LTE, the TD-LTE-based broadband multim

4g lte network protocol vulnerability discovered by researchers

4g lte network protocol vulnerability discovered by researchers Recently, four US university researchers have discovered problems with the 4g lte protocol. This vulnerability can be exploited to fabricate false information and monitor users and address tracking. In the curre

4G TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE two models, do you understand?

respective strengths, TD-LTE for hot area coverage, FDD for wide area coverage. Because of the common technical foundation, TD-LTE and FDD have a very good prospect in hybrid networking. This is also what ITU expected to achieve in the Development of 4G standards-that is, to minimize the physical layer differences between different standards, so that

According to the analysis, insufficient LTE signaling infrastructure is difficult to meet the needs of 4G

Adax, industry leader in High-Performance Data grouping, processing, security, and network infrastructure, warned that the current LTE signaling infrastructure is insufficient, it is difficult to meet the next wave of 4G deployment needs. Market research firm Strategy Analytics also pointed out in its predictions that by 2017, the total number of

Red bend and rung push LTE mobile device management to make 4G devices compatible with OMA DM

Since 2008, Red Bend has partnered with Alcatel-Lucent to help device manufacturers and mobile network operators deliver mobile devices and services to the market faster and more easily. Using the OMA DM client on 4G LTE devices, device manufacturers can ensure that their devices are seamlessly compatible with the operator's Custom open Mobile Alliance Device Man

iphone 4G phone Call why would break the network 4G phone network problem

Compared with the 2g/3g, 4G the biggest feature is to provide more than 100Mbps peak rate, since the speed can be seconds off 20M of optical fiber fixed network, it is used for voice calls is a piece of cake? It is a pity that the problem arises here. Since the current LTE network (

Comprehensive interpretation of 4G network

1, what is the 4G network? How fast is 4G speed faster than 3G? 4 G is the fourth generation of mobile communication technology, it integrates 3G and WLAN in one, and can transmit high-quality video images and with High-definition television comparable. The popular point is that using mobile phones to surf the internet faster, the theoretical speed can reach 100

"Turn" 4G mobile phone call why will break network 4G Internet and call cannot coexist cause analysis

Compared with 2g/3g, 4G is the biggest feature is to provide a peak rate of more than 100Mbps, since the speed can be off 20M of fiber-optic fixed network, that used for voice calls is a piece of cake? Unfortunately, this is where the problem arises.Because the current LTE network (

Extended LTE network

Extended LTE network For Network developers, you only need to pay a little attention to the current situation of 4G/LTE communication needs, and you will be able to understand the future development trend. According to recent forecasts, mobile data traffic will increase by

Divide the world three major operators will compete for TD-LTE Network

In this era of rapid development of network information, 3G networks are currently difficult to meet people's current needs, and 4G networks have gradually entered people's lives. The competition is also intense. A 3G competition is about to kick off. A 4G network competition has already begun, and the three major ope

Network Splitter | Mobile Internet Collector |100g LTE core network collector

Network Splitter | Mobile Internet Collector |100g LTE core network collectorThe RTL9807 flow acquisition equipment developed by Rongteng Network is a new generation NPS multi-core processing platform plus high performance switching chip, based on the ATCA architecture of high-performance 3g/

What is the LTE network?

With the mobile phone mobile internet constantly, has basically completed the traditional 2G to 3G transition, at present, China is vigorously promoting the development of 4G, the recent more promising to release 4G Fdd-lte photos, mobile networks such innovations to the user is faster mobile phone mobile device access to the Internet speed, and more stable signa

How to transmit the microwave of 4G network

Microwave Transmission Microwave transmission is one of the most flexible, the most adaptable means of communication, with fast construction, small investment and flexible application, microwave transmission is not only widely used in mobile networks, but also favored by fixed network operators. Widely used in radio and television, security video surveillance transmission, control and so on. China also has the backbone of the national microwave link.

The US operator plans to shut down the 2G network in 2017 and upgrade it to 4G network.

According to foreign media reports, the company plans to shut down its 2G network in 2017 due to the impact of ATT Mobility's redistribution of 2G network spectrum and deployment of more advanced services. The US telecom operator is now re-deploying its 1900 MHz PCS spectrum in New York City to switch Global Mobile Communication System services to HSPA + and LTE

China 4G Network approaching great fusion era

, which in the past two years has launched several rounds of tenders for td-lte equipment, and has opened a network of experiments in more than 10 cities in China. But even so, the 4G license plate guessing mystery or in the river of suspense tapered, the industry in addition to several operators and 4G standard back a

4G new-generation broadband wireless network investment

Cao Shumin, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice president of the Institute of Telecommunications, said yesterday that, as the only major national science and technology project in the communication industry, "Next-generation broadband wireless mobile communication network" will obtain at least 2 billion yuan of national financial investment this year and next, and the initial funding for enterprises and local support is estimated

Does the iPhone 6 Hong Kong edition support the telecom network standard? Can China Telecom use 4G?

China Telecom 3G Network mode is CDMA, and 4G is also a TD/FDD hybrid network. The IPhone 6 port version Although the network hardware based on the support of CDMA, Td-lte and Fdd-lte, but because Hong Kong does not have CDMA oper

Microwave Radio Frequency network successfully held a 4G Mobile Phone Radio Frequency Technology Seminar on World Telecommunication Day

December 31, 2013, Shenzhen-on World Telecommunication Day (December 31, May 17, the "2013 Shenzhen terminal Radio Frequency Technology Seminar" sponsored by microwave radio frequency network, an industry portal website focusing on microwave, RF, and wireless technology, was successfully held at the default Hotel in Bolin, Shenzhen. This seminar will focus on the hardware design and testing technical difficulties and hot spots of next-generation

What 4G networks does the Hong Kong iphone6 support? Network standard analysis for iPhone 6

According to the data provided by Apple's Hong Kong official website, the Hong Kong iPhone 6 has two models: A1549 and A1586. Among them, A1549 is divided into GSM and CDMA version, GSM version supports GSM/EDGE/WCDMA/FDD-LTE standard, the CDMA version supports GSM/EDGE/CDMA EV-DO/WCMDA/lte fdd standard. While A1586 and the domestic version of the network sta

Network tips for iOS (e\2g\3g\4g\wifi\ no net)

following diagram:When you click Open Project, open and download the project.3, the lack of official reachabilityLook at the official given monitoring return type as follows:From where we can see the official, supportive situation. Lack of mobile phone network mode integration, can not distinguish between 2g\3g\4g, E and other networks.4. We extend the official reachability to support the 2~

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